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Use transcripts from 100 percent of contact center calls to empower big data and predictive teams, lower costs, improve customer experience, drive sales and more.

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Use Speech Transcription to Improve CX

Every day in your contact center, customers and agents have thousands of conversations. These conversations are a gold mine of information about what your customers need, what frustrates them, and how your agents are trying to help.

Imagine if you could transcribe millions of calls efficiently and obtain the rich meta-data you need to help improve customer experience.

Leveraging speech transcription and analytics can help you get to and understand the DNA of customer calls. Knowing the DNA of customer calls can help you build accurate and targeted predictive models.

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Empower Your Big Data and Predictive Teams

In the past, contact center voice data has been locked in a silo, without a way to share it with your big data and analytics teams. With Verint Speech Transcription, you can harness and easily share all the unstructured data across your organization.

Imagine if you had not just a call transcript, but also a customer identifier, prior purchase behavior, customer lifetime value, other products owned, and much more information from each customer call.

Big data and predictive teams can use this data to dramatically shape the view into customers’ current and future buying patterns.

Proven Results: The Allianz Story
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Drive Better Outcomes for Your Customers

Verint Speech Transcription is a highly accurate, automated transcription solution for 100 percent of contact center calls in an easily accessible format.

Through artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, Verint Speech Transcription allows your big data and analytics teams to tap into a wealth of insights from unstructured data.

The application provides an open stream of accurate speech-to-text transcription data via a best-of-breed Application Program Interface (API), annotated with speaker separation, categorization, and more.

Armed with these insights, organizations can make data-driven decisions that can dramatically improve business outcomes.

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Speech Analytics: Lower Cost. Improve CX.

Verint Speech Transcription is also available as a component of Verint Speech Analytics. Verint Speech Analytics uses AI and machine learning to transcribe and analyze up to 100 percent of your recorded calls to help surface valuable intelligence.

The solution automatically discovers and analyzes words, phrases, categories and themes spoken during calls to reveal rising trends and areas of opportunity or concern.

Because Verint recording and speech transcription are part of a unified, market-leading customer engagement suite, you’ll have access to transcripts with a broader context.

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