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Your employees demand more work/life balance. With TimeFlex, AI empowers agents to make unlimited schedule changes.

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Verint TimeFlex Bot Receives 2024 CUSTOMER Product of the Year and 2024 Future of Work Product of the Year Awards

TMC, a global, integrated media company, recognized Verint TimeFlex Bot as one of 2024’s most innovative customer experience technology solutions supporting a new era of productive work environments.

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"The CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award highlights products that enable their clients to meet and exceed customers’ expectations for service quality, timeliness, and effectiveness.”

Contact Centers Lack Scheduling Flexibility

Today’s employees expect scheduling flexibility to support work/life balance, but most contact center scheduling solutions cannot provide this. When you can’t offer your workforce the flexibility and work/life balance they want, your business suffers with high attrition and unplanned absences. This can cost you millions.

With Verint TimeFlex Bot, AI empowers your agents to make unlimited schedule changes. The bot requires no effort for your planners, and the quality of your contact center schedule is enhanced. You’ll see immediate AI business outcomes with improved attrition, absenteeism, and employee experience.

Check out this LinkedIn Live session between Verint’s Dave Singer and Brent Leary of CRM Playaz, to learn more.

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It’s Fast and Easy to Get Started

Verint TimeFlex Bot works with your existing WFM solution, so you can see AI business outcomes quickly, without ripping out your existing technology. In fact, it only takes 30 days to be up and running to start seeing results.

The interface is simple and intuitive, so agents don’t need to learn complicated new technology. You can choose a subset of your agents to get started and expand at your own pace. It’s easy to track usage of the bot so you can see the impact the bot is having on your agents.

This is a gamechanger for your contact center. Check out this Valoir View snapshot where industry analyst, Rebecca Wettemann, summarizes the value of the TimeFlex Bot.

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How it works

The Verint TimeFlex Bot automatically calculates the impact of shift changes based on forecasted volumes, capacity, and performance. Every 15-minute interval is assigned a “FlexCoin” value based on this calculation. Employees earn FlexCoins when they make a change that is beneficial to the company, for example, when they choose to work an interval for which the company is understaffed. Employees can then spend those FlexCoins to make changes to their schedule as needed.

The TimeFlex bot makes the calculations in real-time, so as employees are making changes, the model stays current. As long as employees maintain a positive FlexCoin balance and don’t change the total number of hours they are working, they can make unlimited changes to align their schedule to the needs of their life.

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Increase retention and reduce absenteeism

High agent turnover is one of the most significant costs to a contact center; impacting recruitment, training, team leader attention, and your customers who have to rely on agents that are still coming up to speed.

Offering shift flexibility with the TimeFlex Bot has been shown to reduce attrition by an average of 25%, by helping employees better balance work and life.

The Bot also helps reduce absenteeism. For example, say your child has a fever. The medical center can see them at 10 am, but your shift is scheduled to start at 9. To avoid the hassle of submitting a change request to your manager, which is typically a manual process and time consuming, the agent simply calls in sick.

But with TimeFlex, that agent can easily modify their start time to noon and pick up 3 hours on another day. So instead of the team being down one person for a full day, they are only short for 3 hours and the agent doesn’t get penalized for an unplanned absence.

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Enhance Overall Schedule Quality

Providing a great agent experience is no good if it causes poor customer experience. Our algorithm uses the forecast demand, staffing levels, and customer targets in your workforce management solution to balance employee flexibility with the needs of the business. It helps ensure that the sum of all of the changes made by your agents adds up to a schedule that is as good or better than the one that was originally published. A better schedule means lower customer wait times and an improved customer experience.

“It’s empowering the agent, which increases employee satisfaction, which hopefully translates over to an improved customer experience.”

– Brent Leary, Partner, CRM Essentials and co-founder of the Playaz Productions Network

Check out the Playaz episode: A Few Good Minutes on the Uberization of the Contact Center with David Singer

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