Verint TimeFlex Bot Provides an Unprecedented Level of Schedule Flexibility for Telco Company’s Employees

A leading telecommunications company improved employee satisfaction, reduced planned and unplanned absenteeism, and increased schedule efficiency with the AI-powered Verint TimeFlex Bot.


  • 24%

    Improved month-to-month attrition by 24%.

  • 24.1%

    Reduced monthly unplanned absences by 24.1%.

  • 4.5%

    Improved schedule efficiency by 4.5%.

About the leading telecommunications company

A leading telecommunications company, with more than 30,000 employees, is focused on delivering exceptional experiences for both its customers and its staff.

A few years ago, the telecom company began onshoring its contact center operations. When doing so, it implemented both remote and hybrid (mix of remote and in-office) operating models, which resulted in several thousand contact center agents being spread across the region and multiple contact centers. Due to this shift, the company experienced higher-than-average attrition and absenteeism, with attrition running at around 40 percent and unplanned absenteeism close to 20 percent.

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Opportunity: Overcoming higher-than-average absenteeism and attrition rates

Listening to its employees through surveys and engagement polls, the company recognized a growing need for the organization and its staff to have greater schedule flexibility. For example, when schedules couldn’t be adjusted to meet employee requests, employees would frequently just call in to report their absence. Employees wanted a better way to manage their schedules and strike a balance between work and personal life. Seeing the importance and potential benefit of further enhancing support of its workforce, the telco sought a solution to improve schedule flexibility while maintaining service excellence.

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Solution: Delivering unlimited schedule changes

After initially struggling to deliver increased flexibility using its existing workforce management (WFM) tools, the telecom company selected best-of-breed Verint TimeFlex Bot to enable a new level of schedule flexibility and autonomy for its employees.

Verint TimeFlex Bot leverages a proprietary AI model to calculate the “value” of each 15-minute interval of the workforce schedule based on forecasted volumes, capacity, and performance. Agents can make unlimited changes to their schedule provided those changes maintain or increase the net “value.” Further, Verint TimeFlex Bot ensures that the sum of all changes does not impact overall schedule quality, often resulting in an even more effective schedule.

Verint TimeFlex Bot was deployed alongside and integrated with the company’s existing WFM system, enabling employees to make unlimited schedule changes without disrupting current practices. The telco started with 180 agents in one of its contact centers where agents worked both in the office and remote.

Benefits: Improving employee satisfaction, enhancing operational efficiency, and reducing costs

The response from the telco’s employees was swift, with thousands of schedule adjustments made monthly using Verint TimeFlex Bot. Within 90 days of implementation, the company saw significant improvements.

  • Attrition: Month-to-month attrition improved by 24 percent. From a starting baseline of 3.3 percent, attrition dropped to a three-month average of 2.5 percent.
  • Unplanned absences: Monthly unplanned absences improved by 24.1 percent—from a baseline of 19.6 percent to a 3-month average of 15.73 percent.
  • Schedule Efficiency: Schedule efficiency (the matching of resources to demand) also improved by 4.5 percent, increasing from 88.05 percent to 91.27 percent.

Impressed by these results, the telecom company decided to expand Verint TimeFlex Bot to its other contact centers, aiming to empower over 2,000 agents across its business. Upon full rollout, the company expects annual savings of $5.2 million and an ROI of 10.8X based on standard employee costs.

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