Continuum Global Solutions Drives Improved Outcomes in Real-Time with Verint

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  • Increased agent productivity by 11% on average within first six weeks following implementation.

  • Recovered more than $3 million worth of hours of agent productivity and capacity.

  • Heightened communication, coaching, and management of remote teams.


Continuum Global Solutions provides contact center services through its team of more than 15,000 highly trained and talented professionals worldwide. The company’s employees focus on delivering outstanding customer service across industries and languages. Continuum Global Solutions’ experts are fluent in a multitude of languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Czech.

The company invests in its people from day one to ensure they have the right technology to support them, as well as the highest level of skills and knowledge to maximize every interaction with customers.

Like many contact center service providers, much of Continuum’s staff works remotely. In this new era of remote work, both security assurance and measuring productivity can be challenging. Additionally, without the support of supervisors in the contact center environment, Continuum needed a way to employ automation to ensure remote agents not only have ongoing communications with supervisors, but also the necessary reminders and alerts to help guide customer interactions to positive outcomes.


To help address these challenges, Continuum turned to Verint Desktop and Process Analytics. The solution enables the company to capture real-time, objective data to gain visibility into the remote employee desktop, in turn helping it improve employee productivity, optimize processes, and complement its security framework.

“To ensure that our customers are receiving optimal production from our remote workers, we wanted insight into their activity on an ongoing basis,” says Dan Carbonnell, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at Continuum.

Overall, Continuum relies on several Verint solutions that are part of Verint Customer Engagement Platform. This includes Verint Enterprise Recording, Verint Automated Quality Management, and Verint Speech Analytics. However, Carbonnell considers its Verint Desktop and Process Analytics deployment the company’s “crowning achievement.” Additionally, with the forthcoming deployment of Verint Real-Time Agent Assist, Carbonnell is confident that the company will have a “fully comprehensive agent management environment in one application.”

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Verint Desktop and Process Analytics provides Continuum with a detailed analysis of application activity and utilization, as well as information it uses to optimize business processes and improve the use of application resources. The Verint cloud-based solution also helps reveal IT and network issues, so Carbonnell and team can tell, for example, if an agent has connectivity problems.

Furthermore, Verint Application Triggers, part of Verint Desktop and Process Analytics, enables Continuum to trigger alerts and reminders that a specific action is required based on events on the agent desktop. This helps ensure that agents follow specified company protocols and procedures, as well as compliance requirements, which are particularly important in the financial services and healthcare industries due to many mandated disclosures.

Verint’s application trigger functionality also helps power Verint Real-Time Agent Assist, a solution that provides in-the-moment, contextual guidance to help agents improve customer outcomes. At the same time, it helps novice agents more effectively learn on the job and gives veteran agents confidence in their job skills and knowledge.


Verint Desktop and Process Analytics has helped Continuum’s leadership identify and address the root cause of productivity problems, enabling the company to boost agent capacity and further empower its remote agent workforce. “With Verint Desktop and Process Analytics and, in particular, Verint Application Triggers, we can offer agents real-time reminders, which is particularly important for remote workers who don’t have a supervisor nearby to ensure they are following the right prescriptive actions,” Carbonnell notes.

Verint also helped Continuum implement an agent “outlier” management process through a dashboard. The process identifies agents whose idle time might be higher than expected. Merging idle time and adherence metrics provided leadership with valuable insight into productivity and alignment for improved forecasting and scheduling.

Continuum also implemented real-time notifications for supervisors, alerting them when agents might be idle while waiting for contacts. This process has not only complemented, but heightened, coaching and management of remote teams.

“If the supervisor notification shows that an agent is idle, the manager can use that for ad hoc coaching, or to send a note or call of encouragement to let the agent know their work with the company is valued,” Carbonnell explains. “Such supervisor-agent communication is very important for remote workers who can feel isolated due to the nature of the remote work environment. We know exactly how our agents are spending their time and are empowering supervisors with critical insights to help them coach agents to be more productive.”

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