Planning for a Successful AI Chatbot

Conversational AI Deployments Begin with AI Blueprint

It’s easy to get lost among the buzzwords and trends in the world of AI. That’s why you need a map to guide you. Your enterprise needs to know how automation will best benefit your bottom line, your employees’ productivity, and, of course, the customer experience.

With Verint AI Blueprint™, you can determine which conversational AI use cases will provide immediate ROI and generate long-term enterprise business value. Along with Verint’s team of experts, AI Blueprint generates a roadmap for ongoing success and continuous improvement of your automation while also highlighting business opportunities based on your customers’ data.

If you don’t know where to start with enterprise-grade chatbots or conversational AI, AI Blueprint gives you the roadmap you need to launch and succeed in the long term.

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Your AI Goals are Your Business Goals

It’s easy to buy into the AI hype, but without proper planning, you risk launching conversational AI initiatives that fail to address your customer’s needs. AI Blueprint lessens the risk of conversational AI investments by helping you identify where and how to automate your way to increased revenue and faster results.

Understanding your customers’ intent provides a stark competitive advantage, but that’s easier said than done. AI Blueprint empowers you to make data-driven decisions based on your customers’ actual behavior, rather than generic personas, outdated models, or assumptions.

Leveraging AI Blueprint’s machine-learning capabilities, our team of experts analyzes your data at scale to determine what conversational AI initiatives can generate the most value for your business.

The outcome is a roadmap that helps you clearly identify not only where to begin, but also how to proceed with AI to help you reach your goals more quickly.

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Protect Your Conversational AI Investment

In most cases, enterprises take their best guess when evaluating how and what conversational AI solutions to implement. According to a recent analysis of more than 2,000 different companies by the International Data Corporation, about 28 percent said that they’ve had AI or machine learning initiatives fail. Those surveyed said this was primarily because of a lack of internal expertise, production-ready data, and an integrated development environment.

What enterprises need is a better way to plan for AI, and that’s precisely why we created AI Blueprint.

AI Blueprint takes the guesswork out of AI planning, reducing the risk associated with conversational AI and enterprise chatbot implementations while accelerating time to ROI.

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Your Customer Data has a Story to Tell. Are you Listening?

AI Blueprint’s two-factor analysis starts by examining your business data from user interactions, including structured or unstructured, text or voice data. Verint’s unique set of conversational intelligence tools is can handle vast amounts of data, allowing us to create AI plans for any enterprise.

Listen to what your customers are telling you, then invest with confidence in solutions that will deliver exceptional customer experiences, earn trust, and positively impact your bottom line.

And don’t worry — security is our top priority. The data we leverage is fully anonymized, so you don’t have to compromise customer privacy to fuel business growth.

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Enterprise Chatbots and Conversational AI Takes Planning

AI Blueprint and our team of experts work together to build AI solutions that will scale and evolve along with your company. Your internal development teams won’t be bogged down.

If AI Blueprint identifies a business need for AI, the analysis system and Verint’s experts return comprehensive recommendations for how to proceed. We determine which use cases will generate the most business value and develop measurable KPIs adapted to your unique business goals.

As your roadmap not only for implementing but also further developing AI solutions, your AI Blueprint keeps paying dividends down the road. With AI Blueprint, you can continuously improve, scale, evolve, and adjust in ways that meet your customer needs today and tomorrow.

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Accelerate Innovation with Enterprise Chatbots Backed by AI Blueprint

The more time that goes by while you’re planning your AI, the more money you’re wasting in development. With AI Blueprint, you can accelerate the ROI after launching a Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant from months to weeks.

With a road map, you’ll always reach your destination faster. AI Blueprint is that road map and will show you how to apply conversational AI to your business model as efficiently as possible. Avoid unnecessary bumps and obstacles and get on the fast track to enterprise chatbot success with a robust plan suited to your enterprise.

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