Enterprise Recording

Capture interactions across multiple channels and retrieve recordings quickly, even in unstructured content, to reduce effort, analyze and track trends, mitigate liability, and enhance compliance.

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What is Enterprise Recording?

Verint Enterprise Recording is a proven, reliable system for capturing, indexing, and retrieving recorded interactions. It works across voice, chat, video, screen, and other communication modes in CCaaS, UCaaS, Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and other ACD and call center solutions.

Part of Verint Engagement Data Management, it enables you to easily search and replay captured interactions and all associated digital data, whether captured by Verint’s solution or a third-party application. Share interactions throughout your business. Provide insight into customer and employee behaviors to help drive decision-making. The solution also provides workflows to manage legal hold, call delete, export, and more. This can help you comply with regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank, GDPR, MIFID II, and more.

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Why do I need it?

Industry regulations and internal standards require you to record and archive interactions between your customers and employees. For liability protection, compliance, and quality management purposes.

Whether it’s in a contact center, back-office department, branch, or financial services firm, these interactions increasingly occur across a broad spectrum of channels and platforms. While these recordings contain massive amounts of useful information, extracting actionable intelligence from them quickly can be challenging.

Verint Enterprise Recording can make it simple.

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Part of the Verint Engagement Data Management

Enterprise Recording is part of Verint Engagement Data Management, a unique solution for storing and managing customer engagement data in a harmonized and cohesive way.

Part of the Verint Customer Engagement Platform, it runs in the cloud to capture, index, archive, and retrieve interactions from Verint solutions and external sources. It can be easily extended using Verint’s rich library of open APIs, allowing you to capture all types of engagement as your communication platforms change. And because it is cloud-based, it is reliable and easy to maintain.

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Capture rich contextual data for better decision making

Along with managing interaction data, Verint also captures rich contextual data, providing an omnichannel view of your customers’ journey. Calls can be automatically tagged. So that you can easily search and replay captured interactions and the associated digital data, regardless of where they were recorded in your enterprise. An omnichannel interaction player presents all interaction attributes in one place making it easier to listen, view, analyze and take action.

To secure sensitive and private interaction information, all data is protected using true AES-256 end-to-end encryption to protect data as it’s recorded, moved to archive, or retrieved during replay.

Key features

A single recorder for all interactions

Capture voice, video, mobile, and text interactions, as well as employee screen activity across multiple channels – including UC tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, CCaaS, PBX/ACD, VoIP, and trading turrets – using a single recording system.

Verint Enterprise Recording’s patented recording technology can capture communications across the enterprise, within the contact center, through social media, mobile interactions, financial trading, command and control centers, and more. Record voice, video, text, and digital interactions, face-to-face conversations, as well as the corresponding activities taking place at employees’ desktops, such as data entry, screen navigation, and after-call wrap-up.

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A single UI for every interaction

Search, archive, retrieve, and manage all captured interactions – from all channels, modalities, and sources – in one place. The unified, omnichannel interaction player can present recorded information across all channels, including speech and desktop analytics data, in a single place for easy visualization and further analysis that will help you enhance compliance, reduce liability, and drive better customer experiences.

A single source for captured interactions

Search, archive, retrieve, and manage all captured interactions – from all channels, modalities, and sources – in one place. Verint’s open, cloud-based Customer Engagement Platform architecture, and wealth of out-of-the-box integrations and APIs, make it easy for you to integrate with any ACD, CCaaS or UCaaS solution. And EDM will harmonize the diverse data, eliminating silos and allowing you to manage and analyze all of your customer engagement data as a single, cohesive whole.

Eliminating data silos in this way is the gateway to better understanding of customer engagement, service quality and elevated customer experience.

And more

Because Verint Enterprise Recording is part of the Verint Customer Engagement Platform it can work seamlessly with other Verint solutions for customer engagement, workforce engagement and compliance.

These include Verint Automated Quality Management, Workforce Engagement, Speech Analytics, Real-Time Coaching, and Application Triggers. Together with Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics, this portfolio of solutions can deliver unique insights and benefits to your organization.

Discover other Verint recording solutions

Verint offers a variety of recording solutions, including:

  • Face-to-Face Voice Interaction Recording – A scalable, robust recording solution that can capture face-to-face interactions between employees and customers at distributed business locations.
  • Recording for Public Safety – A full-time, NG-9-1-1-ready, multichannel recording and archiving solution for public safety compliance, driving better citizen experiences, and managing liability more effectively.
  • Verint for Financial Compliance – An enterprise, multichannel solution designed to help financial services compliance officers ensure compliance with financial regulations, adhere to internal procedures, and demonstrate best practices to regulators.

These solutions can be deployed on premises or in cloud environments.

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