Compliance Recording for Zoom

Benefit from unified, risk-based compliance recording for Zoom Phone and Zoom Meetings. Capture, archive, analyze, and retrieve interactions across voice, video, and screen sharing.

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Hybrid working and the collaboration compliance gap

In today’s changing workplace, unified communication (UC) tools, such as Zoom, are enabling businesses to boost their productivity, increase employee engagement and improve customer experience.

Yet, traditional recording solutions often struggle to record, monitor, and efficiently retrieve regulated interactions across these communication channels – which creates a compliance gap.

Close this gap and record all your regulated users wherever they are, whenever they’re working and however they’re communicating.

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Powering compliant communications

Remain compliant while enabling your employees to communicate using Zoom, a leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Meeting Solutions.

Verint Financial Compliance provides a comprehensive solution for capturing, archiving, analyzing, and safely retrieving regulated voice, video and screen sharing interactions across the Zoom portfolio. And it helps you easily discover irregularities, dashboards provide insights into instances of non-compliance.

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Why choose Verint for compliance recording?

When it comes to meeting compliance recording needs, we are at the forefront of tackling new risk & compliance challenges.

As a trusted partner for thousands of organizations, we provide a unique combination of state-of-the-art secure recording, capture and archive solutions, augmented with automation, to provide proactive, “in-the-moment” compliance tools.

Underpinned by a close partnership with Zoom, Verint is ready to help if you need enterprise-ready, secure collaboration capture technology for Zoom solutions – from Zoom Phone to Zoom Meetings and beyond.

Drive innovation with our broader portfolio

When you use Verint Financial Compliance to capture Zoom interactions, you can also benefit from other Verint solutions to drive strategic impact across your organization.

Engagement Data Management (EDM), for example, makes it easy for you to build a customer engagement data hub that includes captured interactions and experience data from Zoom and any other system, channel, or communication mode.

EDM users can take advantage of market-leading capabilities for data management, AI and analytics, quality and compliance, workforce management, customer experience and other capabilities within the Verint Customer Engagement Platform.

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Verint Financial Compliance selected as Best Compliance Product at UC Awards 2022

In the past few years, the sudden changes in the world made us feel obliged to help financial services firms stay compliant with their regulatory obligations while adapting to the hybrid work model. So, we made it our goal to help Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other UC tools extend their compliance capabilities so regulated businesses would be able to embrace an unprecedented digital transformation.

Winning this award reassures us that our efforts have made an impact on the industry, and it drives us to keep improving and innovating the world of financial compliance.

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