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Monitoring the Silence – Illuminating Black Holes in Communications Surveillance

An industry report by Coalition Greenwich

Communications surveillance had been a constant challenge for businesses for years, but the pandemic-induced advance of digitalization and the consequent transition to remote working moved it even further up on compliance managers’ priority list. Still, compliant interaction and data capture remains a complex and stressful task that, if not done fully in line with the applicable regulations, entails serious consequences, including fines, suspended operations, and reputational damage.


In 2021, Coalition Greenwich conducted in-depth interviews with financial markets professionals in the United States and Europe to assess their approach to communications surveillance, future compliance technology spending, data management infrastructure, communications channel usage, technology adoption strategies, and more.


Download this report to learn about:
  • The expansion of communication channels
  • The difficulty of data capture
  • Budget estimations for surveillance technology
  • Key communications surveillance and data capture providers

Download the full report to understand how financial services firms are approaching the task of thorough data capture, the challenges of communication surveillance, and the technology options available to help business improve.


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