Navy Federal Credit Union Unifies Departments with Centralized Workforce Management

The largest credit union in North America breaks down silos, redistributes resources, and optimizes operations with Verint Workforce Management.

The results

  • Increased employee retention.

  • Eliminated silos between departments.

  • Improved member satisfaction.

About Navy Federal Credit Union

Established in 1933 with only 7 members, Navy Federal Credit Union now serves 13 million members globally and is the world’s largest credit union. Membership is open to all Department of Defense and Coast Guard Active Duty, Veterans, civilian and contractor personnel, and their families. Dedicated to its mission of service, Navy Federal employs a workforce of 24,000 and has a global network of more than 355 branches.

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More than a decade ago, Navy Federal Credit Union (Navy Federal) was looking for a new workforce management solution that could better meet its needs in terms of optimization and automation of processes. After a thorough search, the world’s largest credit union turned to Verint to help it best meet its needs not only for workforce optimization, including Verint Quality Management, Verint Workforce Management, and Verint Performance Management, but, since then, for more robust analytics and insights solutions such as Verint Speech Analytics and Verint Real-Time Agent Assist.

Prior to working with Verint, Navy Federal used a variety of different tools and vendors for quality monitoring, workforce management, and leave management. In fact, it even relied on manual paper schedules or Excel spreadsheets in some cases.

One of Navy Federal’s strategic goals was to build omnichannel capabilities that would enable its members to have a consistent experience across channels versus a disjointed experience where they are shuffled from one department to another. With a central workforce optimization solution, the credit union sought to create a consistent and seamless member experience.

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Solution: Verint Workforce Management

With Verint Workforce Management, Navy Federal is better able to manage and optimize its staff across departments. The solution enabled the leading credit union to unify previously disparate and separately managed areas into one centralized workforce under a single scheduling solution, leading to significant cost savings.

Jeff Bretana, Manager of the Real Estate Lending Workforce Optimization Team at Navy Federal Credit Union, participated in four different initiatives to bring Verint Workforce Management to different areas of the business, including the contact center, branch, and back-office functions such as collections and real estate lending.

“Each time we expanded our use of Verint Workforce Management, it provided a benefit to that department that, in turn, helped with the rollout in the next department,” says Bretana. “By doing this and spreading workforce management throughout the company, we can break down silos, share data, and provide a one workforce solution across the enterprise.”

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Key benefits and capabilities

  • Redeploying resources

    Thanks to the best-of-breed Verint Workforce Management, part of Verint Open Platform, Navy Federal can now provide a capacity plan that enables it to better distribute its resources. As a result, it can avoid unnecessary overtime or underutilized capacity in departments with sporadic workloads. “Verint has been instrumental in finding innovative ways for us to right size our staff and departments,” adds Bretana.

    The one workforce approach helps Navy Federal not only understand resource requirements of different departments, but also fulfill those needs by redistributing staff as needed. “Navy Federal has been able to more effectively retain staff because we are doing innovative things to help manage the workforce across the credit union as a whole,” explains Brittany Costanzo, Workforce Management Analyst at Navy Federal Credit Union.

  • Right sizing staff

    For example, in the current economic climate of high interest rates and low volume, the interest in real estate has declined. Subsequently, Navy Federal’s loan and mortgage support assistance teams had excess capacity. At the same time, member inquiries made to the contact center were growing. To help better balance workload and maintain a high level of employee productivity, while also ensuring premium member experience, Navy Federal cross-trained 120 loan officers to support the contact center.

  • Improving member experience

    Besides providing the right number of staff at the right place at the right time to address members’ needs, cross-training employees to support servicing members in other departments led to higher member satisfaction rates. “It’s building that relationship from the very beginning,” notes Costanzo. “Loan officers submit the application for our members and then they get to stay with them throughout the entire process. We’ve seen this really help to improve our member satisfaction.”

    In addition, with Verint Open Platform and best-of-breed Verint Workforce Management, Verint Quality Management, and Verint Speech Analytics, Navy Federal created greater synergies across departments. For example, across departments, the company can automatically schedule coaching sessions when agents’ quality scores drop too low, or immediately provide insights into quality assurance when customer interactions are flagged by Verint Speech Analytics.

    Overall, this helps ensure a consistent, quality experience across member touchpoints. Such insights and coaching needs may have gone unnoticed previously because of disparate systems. Today, with unified Verint Open Platform solutions, the data and insights can easily be shared across the enterprise.

  • Improving the employee experience

    Verint Workforce Management has enabled Navy Federal to automate several processes, giving employees faster and more decisive answers on time off requests, overtime requests, or requests for voluntary time off. 

    “Our employees also benefit from using Verint,” Costanzo concludes. “Previously, our loan officers in real estate lending didn’t have an easy way to request leave or see their schedules. Now, they’re able to easily adjust their schedules through Verint Workforce Management request management functionality. We’ve seen an increase in satisfaction because they feel like they have more control over their day-to-day productivity and their schedule.”

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