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Get to know the workforce management (WFM) solution with the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. It’s WFM made easy. Powerful workforce management software improves both the customer and the employee experience while helping your organization achieve its goals.

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Real world results from Verint WFM customers

  • 30%

    30% reduction in overtime – Guardian Life

  • 90+
    Scaled service to 90+ employees in five languages in only two days – 5CA
  • 90%

    90% of calls answered within 30 seconds – USANA

It's Time to Reimagine Workforce Management

We’ve reimagined how to make WFM software easy to use in an increasingly complex environment. You can trust that the right people are scheduled at the right time and maintain the focus on the needs of the customers.

We’ve removed the complexity without removing the features you depend on. Our modern, cloud-based interface is optimized to make common tasks easy. We understand the importance of making an interface that is familiar and intuitive. Our seamless interface supports all the capabilities you need while delivering an enhanced experience. Are you ready for streamlined visualizations that allow workforce managers to see all they need without toggling screens?


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Key Workforce Management Features

  • Ensure the right people are scheduled at the right time

    Designed to meet ever-changing customer demands in an increasingly complex environment, Verint Workforce Management provides the tools you need so your organization can maintain its focus on meeting customer needs.
  • Improve both customer and employee experience

    Verint Workforce Management helps your organization achieve its goals, giving you the tools you need to provide agents with flexible schedules and meaningful work to improve employee retention.
  • Give agents increased flexibility and work-life balance

    Whether in the office or on the go, Verint Workforce Management mobile apps let agents quickly make, and get approval for, schedule changes, shift swaps, time off, and task and channel switching.
  • Gain greater insights

    Verint Workforce Management Scorecards provide a view into employee efficiency and effectiveness, and can offer insight into areas for improvement.
  • Capitalize on the benefits of the cloud

    Bring the advantages of a cloud deployment to your workforce management. Enjoy the benefits of worry-free upgrades and rest assured you are always enjoying the latest updates and enhancements.

Don't Leave WFM out of your CCaaS Plans

As you seek to simplify customer interactions across channels with a CCaaS solution, don’t forget the critical capability to accurately forecast and schedule your employees and bots across these channels.

With Verint, you can leverage advanced AI forecasting techniques to help ensure you always have the right resources on the right channels at the right time You can also give your employees the flexibility they need. Verint Workforce Management’s open architecture and bring your own telephony approach means you can take advantage of these capabilities across all of your existing phone and digital communication channels.

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Hire the Right Candidates with the Verint Interviewing Bot

Verint Platform is powered by specialized bots that help drive CX automation to make your customer engagements smarter and faster. Each bot performs one specific task, and is injected directly into your workflows, putting AI at your agents’ fingertips.

The Verint Interviewing Bot uses AI, proprietary audio models, and predictive analytics to automate the analysis of candidate assessments in minutes vs. hours.  It helps recruiters engage with candidates faster, identify the best candidates for the role, and speed the decision-making process

Related Workforce Engagement Solutions

  • Performance Management

    Give employees and managers visibility into performance to help drive better service and deeper job satisfaction.
  • Desktop Process Analytics

    Analyze employee desktop activity and gain operational intelligence. Optimize productivity and capacity, improve processes, and help ensure compliance.
  • Automated Quality Management

    Automate your quality process and gain deeper insight into all of your calls while managing compliance risk more effectively.
  • Verint Interviewing Bot

    Elevate candidate quality, accelerate time-to-hire and enhance employee retention. Automated, AI-driven candidate screening reduces the risk of mis-hiring.
  • Verint TimeFlex Bot

    Empower agents to manage their schedules while balancing the needs of the business and your customers.
  • Total Quality for Customer Engagement

    Monitor up to 100% of interactions across all voice, digital, and bot channels. Drive employee engagement, performance improvement, compliance, and an exceptional customer experience.

Making workforce management easy. Together.

With workforce management solutions from Verint, you can have flexibility, ease, and empowerment without sacrificing customer experience or operational efficiency.

  • Fewer clicks to make a schedule
  • Full-featured cloud deployment
  • More flex scheduling options
  • Simpler way to manage work across the enterprise
  • A single schedule across locations, channels, and telework

Generate increased productivity and satisfaction by employing workforce management tools built to simplify WFM and improve the employee and customer experience.

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WFM software provides more flexibility

We get it. Life is more complicated than ever. Now, employees demand more flexibility to balance their busy lives with their work responsibilities. 

Our WFM software includes mobile apps for agents and supervisors. Within these, employees can manage their schedules while on the go. Agents are empowered to quickly make schedule adjustments from their devices with automated approval rules. Verint Workforce Management includes:

  • Time off requests
  • Task and Channel Switching
  • Innovative Shift Swaps
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The performance insights you need

With Verint Workforce Management Scorecards you’ll gain insight into what employees are doing, how effectively they’re performing, and where they need to sharpen their skills, with capabilities such as:

  • Automatically triggered coaching sessions
  • Insight into productivity metrics by channel type and comparison to goal
  • Out-of-the-box workflows for alerting of outlier performance
  • Automation workflows to update shift and vacation bidding based on performance
  • Pre-built integrations into multiple 3rd party sources for external KPIs
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Workforce management across the enterprise

Did you know that in the average company, you’ll find more employees in the back office than in the contact center? If you aren’t currently using workforce management software in your back office and branch network, you have a huge blind spot when it comes to efficiently managing your workforce.

Verint offers purpose-built workforce management functionality for back-office operations and branches, such as activity-based scheduling. Scheduling in the back office focuses resources on specific production activities for blocks of time that align with work arrivals, volumes and deadlines. Our workforce management tool enables smarter scheduling.

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Capabilities for your back-office and branch

Backlog and Ageing – A WFM system must account for volume and age of work in the backlog to prioritize how resources spend their time. Let a workforce management system efficiently keep track of this information for you.

Robust Labor Modeling and Position Planning – Retail bank branches and distributed service centers must factor in many role types, regional float pools, and roaming specialists who cover multiple locations. The right solutions can handle all of these factors to ensure you plan accurately with all variables in mind.

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Easily book appointments in retail locations 

With Verint Appointment Booking Software, your customers can easily book appointments from any channel, including your website, mobile app, online ads, and social media pages. Simplifying the process of scheduling an appointment can improve a variety of metrics across your retail locations, including:  

  • Foot traffic 
  • Sales 
  • Customer loyalty
  • Resource allocation
  • Shop floor productivity 
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Cloud workforce management without compromise

With the cloud-based Verint Workforce Management, you enjoy a more secure, powerful, and reliable experience. Advantages of our cloud offerings include:

  • New releases without having to pay for upgrade expenses or deal with a hassle of upgrading
  • Using new features quickly and adding new users when necessary
  • Reducing the burden on your IT organization – financial and technical
  • Better security, reliability, and performance
  • Leveraging a market-leading high availability platform

Verint’s workforce management solutions deliver the same capabilities for cloud and on-premises. Our open, API-first architecture works with any ACD you choose. That means you never have to settle for feature limitations.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Workforce Management

Workforce management, also known as WFM, is an integrated set of tools and processes meant to optimize employee productivity by matching an organization’s labor force with its workload.

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