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Today’s contact center agents demand more flexibility than ever before, while organizations have to compete with the flexibility offered by the gig economy to attract, retain and motivate top talent. Verint mobile applications provide this flexibility that today’s top employees demand.

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Meet the Changing Needs of Your Customers and Workforce

Mobile devices have become a preferred means of communication, and your customers and employees expect to use them in their daily activities at home and work. Many organizations are accommodating this preference by adopting “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policies in the workplace.

Verint mobile applications can help you meet the changing needs of your customers and workforce while capitalizing on the growing popularity of BYOD policies. Our cloud solutions offer anytime, anywhere access to information that’s important to your managers and staff, such as customer feedback data and employee schedule and time off management.

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Our family of mobile apps

Verint Mobile Work View—This native mobile app provides employees with the ability to view and manage a variety of scheduling and request management activities, such as checking schedules, creating and managing time off requests, and bidding for shifts.

Verint Mobile Team View – This app provides supervisors with the ability to view and manage their teams. Managers can see their team schedules, requests for time off, and even approve or reject these requests from their mobile device.

Verint Mobile Enterprise Feedback Management— This app offers an immediate, convenient, and engaging way to capture and track customer feedback by enabling you to deploy surveys in device-friendly formats over the web, email, and SMS.

Verint Mobile Enterprise Feedback Management Offline Surveys— This survey app can enable you to collect customer feedback at retail stores, sports venues, or anywhere with unreliable connectivity. Collect feedback right on the spot, even if you’re offline, then sync later to the web app for a complete view of the customer.

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