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What if you could predict which candidates would be successful and onboard them quickly? Verint Interviewing Bot speeds up the hiring process and helps you find the right employees.

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Not just right time, right place, but right people

Organizations strive to optimize their resource plans, so they can deliver an exceptional customer experience at the lowest cost. Solutions  like Verint Workforce Management are commonly deployed to help ensure the right number of people are in the right place at the right time to cost effectively meet your service goals.

But how do you ensure you have the best people, with the right characteristics, to deliver the experience you want? Verint Interviewing Bot leverages AI to help identify top candidates for the role during the interviewing and onboarding process. The solution integrates seamlessly with Verint Workforce Management, so you can optimize your hiring plans as part of your resource and capacity planning process. Verint Platform also provides AI-driven solutions designed to improve employee engagement and in-the-moment performance.

Learn more about how AI is helping organizations identify, onboard, and retain the best talent. Check out the Contact Center Pipeline article, Managing Talent in the Age of AI.

The hiring experience that helps define brands

A great customer experience (CX) starts with highly engaged employees. The pre-hiring process is the first impression and first step toward long-term employee engagement.

Verint Interviewing Bot uses predictive analytics to determine which candidates are most likely to be high performers, stay longer, and achieve higher levels of KPI achievement.

Work Entropy, a company that specializes in solutions for hiring in the “gig economy,” was able to source independent workers, from application to onboarding, within 24 hours.

Make seasonal hiring easier and faster

Many industries experience a “peak season” where they need to hire seasonal help quickly.  Recruiters are often overwhelmed by the volume of applicants and the time it takes to conduct interviews and assessments.

The Verint Interviewing Bot automates the analysis of candidate assessments using AI, proprietary audio models, and predictive analytics, conducting the assessment in minutes vs. hours.  It can identify top candidates and quickly flag those who are unqualified, so time is not wasted pursing them.

For ibex, a global outsourcer, the Verint Interviewing Bot has been a “game changer” to filter down the candidate funnel, reducing applicant review hours by 40%.

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Key benefits

  • Raise recruitment quality, speed, and volume at a lower cost

    Combine and automate virtual interviewing, validated assessments, predictive analytics, and stakeholder feedback to quickly identify the most qualified candidates.

  • Improve employee retention

    Evaluate candidate engagement, knowledge, and communication skills to Identify and hire candidates who best match your needs and are most likely to perform better, feel successful, and have a long tenure.

  • Expand your candidate pool

    “Work from anywhere” means candidates can also apply for anywhere. Take advantage of this trend and broaden your searches to reach the best candidates wherever they are.

  • Gain valuable, actionable insights

    Dashboards and robust reporting highlight valuable insights into where your best candidates have been found, how long they’ve remained in your pipeline, the quality of your hires, how long it takes to fill your openings, and much more.

Work from anywhere meets hire from anywhere

Work from Anywhere also means Apply from Anywhere. Broadening your hiring efforts beyond your physical locations creates a boundless candidate pool.

As applicants increase, you need more help pre-assessing them to minimize hiring manager effort. You must keep the best candidates moving through the process quickly.

Traditional interview practices need to be reimagined. You need a hiring process that allows your managers and candidates to engage in more efficient ways.

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How it works

Candidates are evaluated through a virtual interview process where candidate information is collected without recruiter intervention.

The Verint Interviewing Bot can automatically assess your applicants for:

  • Energy, engagement, and empathy
  • Language proficiency and comprehension
  • Active listening and problem-solving skills
  • Domain or role-specific knowledge

The result is a pre-screening process that shortens the overall recruitment experience by hours and improves your time to fill and quality of hire metrics.

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Built for contact centers and back offices

Verint Interviewing Bot transforms high volume recruiting for contact centers and back offices. The bot helps you identify candidates who can resolve problems, execute complex processes, stimulate sales and delight customers.

Leveraging machine learning, proprietary audio models and predictive analytics, our cloud solution helps you:

  • Evaluate candidate engagement, knowledge and communication skills
  • Predict candidates most likely to succeed so you can prioritize efforts
  • Hire high-quality talent with unprecedented efficiency
Create back office CX heroes
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