Global outsourcing firm ibex attracts and retains top talent with Verint

The Results

  • Reduced applicant review hours by 40%

  • Improved speed and ease to conduct more than 2,000 candidate assessments monthly

  • Lowered contact center turnover via a data driven HR journey

Opportunity: Help elevate candidate quality and accelerate speed-to-hire

ibex serves many of the world’s leading companies across retail, ecommerce, healthcare, fintech, utilities, and logistics sectors. Through its 34 operations facilities around the world, the company delivers innovative business process outsourcing (BPO), smart digital marketing, online acquisition technology, and end-to-end customer engagement solutions to help companies acquire, engage, and retain valuable customers.

ibex leverages its diverse global team of more than 35,000 employees together with industry-leading technology to manage nearly 200 million critical customer interactions annually, adding over $2.2 billion in lifetime customer revenue each year and driving a truly differentiated customer experience for its valued clients.

The contact center industry has a high turnover rate, which was exacerbated during the Great Resignation. As a result, ibex had to engage three to four times as many applicants to hit its hiring targets across the globe. To ramp up its candidate acquisition strategy, ibex put in place an intelligent interviewing approach for candidate screening and skills assessment. The goal was to help elevate candidate quality and accelerate speed-to-hire.

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Solution: Verint Intelligent Interviewing

Core to ibex’s intelligent interviewing approach is Verint Intelligent Interviewing. Part of the Verint Workforce Management portfolio, Verint Intelligent Interviewing is designed to elevate candidate quality and customer engagement, accelerate speed-to-hire, and enhance employee retention through automated, analytics-driven candidate screening and skills assessment.

Using advanced predictive modeling and analytics, the Verint solution helps assess the job skills needed and promotes engagement with candidates earlier in the hiring process to more effectively gauge aptitude to ensure job success and satisfaction.

This is critically important to contact centers that require language proficiency, engagement, enthusiasm, empathy, and alertness, among other soft skills paramount to delivering exceptional customer experience.

ibex uses Verint Intelligent Interviewing to conduct more than 2,000 candidate assessments per month for its contact centers in the United States, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and the Philippines. The technology has been a “game changer” to filter down the candidate funnel. For example, typing/data entry and PC basics testing ensures there are multiple rigorous skills testing measurements so that candidates arrive at the next stage of consideration fully vetted and qualified to do the job.

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Benefits: Identifying the best candidates with the greatest potential

“With Verint Intelligent Interviewing, we’ve been able to reduce the number of hours for the applicant review process by 40 percent,” says Ray Graversen, platform and analytics manager at ibex. “Use of the technology has also helped underscore our commitment to fair and equitable job opportunities while ensuring repeatability and consistency in our candidate screening process.”

However, this is just the beginning in ibex’s data-driven human resources (HR) journey. The company is moving forward with integrating its applicant tracking system with Verint Intelligent Interviewing data so that recruiters can access data and scores from anywhere worldwide.

Additionally, ibex is beginning to leverage Verint Intelligent Interviewing data to marry Audiolytics scores and termination data to understand correlations.

Once ibex has completed the necessary integrations, it believes it will have reached candidate assessment “nirvana.” According to the company, this is where assessment data, term data, and leadership and development assessments can be merged to provide a predictive analytics baseline measurement to help the organization identify candidates that have the greatest potential for supervisory capabilities or for quality assurance positions.

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