Level Up your Hiring Practices with Intelligent Interviewing

Work from anywhere now means hire from anywhere, and the competition to secure the best new hire candidates is fierce! Are you finding the right number of candidates with the right qualities to be successful in the long term? It’s time to broaden your hiring efforts beyond your physical locations to create a boundless candidate pool.

What if you could predict which candidates would be successful and onboard them quickly? Automated, intelligent candidate screening speeds up the hiring process and helps you find the right employees.

This session explains how Verint Intelligent Interviewing can help you:

  • Track your hiring goals
  • Speed up the selection process
  • Find the right candidates to meet your customer engagement goals

Watch this session to learn how to find the candidates who are most likely to be long-tenured, highly skilled, motivated, technically proficient and engaged before losing them to the competition.



Paul Noone
VP, Go-to-Market Strategy, Verint Intelligent Interviewing


Kelly Sajid
VP, Product & Strategy, Verint Intelligent Interviewing

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