Closing the Engagement Capacity Gap by Solving the CX-Cost Equation

Verint’s third edition of the Engagement Capacity Gap™ study examines the challenges faced by companies across the globe and sets out a blueprint for closing the gap.

Two-thirds of CX leaders surveyed are highly confident they can engage their customers effectively in 2023. What makes them stand out from the 33% who aren’t?

Our research uncovered a path that will help companies to provide the level of experience demanded by modern consumers.

Download the report, Closing the Engagement Capacity Gap, to find out the key solutions and strategies needed to provide effective customer engagement in the face of a challenging business and economic climate.

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What is the CX-Cost Equation?

It’s the need to deliver exceptional customer experiences while also lowering the cost to serve.

Solving the equation has never been more important – amid the threat of budget cuts and need to control costs, organizations must do more with less.

This year’s report details how investing in the solutions such as CX automation will help to close the gap while also creating significant ROI.

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Around 50% of business leaders are worried about the negative impact of the economic climate and talent management issues in 2023.

Despite their positive outlook for this year, the highly confident group are the most concerned by the challenges they expect to face over the next 12 months.

Engagement Capacity Gap Infographic

Which Business Leaders are ready to close the Engagement Capacity Gap?

If you’d like a sneak peak of our research, click to view the infographic and get a taste of our report’s findings including:

  • Key engagement areas in 2022
  • Concerns for business leaders in 2023
  • The CX-Cost Equation
Uncover key findings
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Of the 2,875 business leaders who responded to our survey, 67% are highly confident in their ability to engage their customers. How have they built this level of confidence?

  • 50+%

    Increased budgets for messaging, social channels and chatbots in 2022

  • 85%

    Interacted with customers on digital channels last year

  • 74%

    Are highly likely to use customer experience data to improve engagement

High Confidence Creates Resilience

The business leaders most assured of their outlook for 2023 spent the last two years preparing for the challenges ahead. Despite the threat of a global recession and persistent talent management issues, investment in key areas have contributed to increased confidence.

  1. Digital First Engagement: Increasing capacity and efficiency through automation and digital channels
  2. Experience Management: Collecting feedback and aggregating data to improve customer engagement
  3. Workforce Engagement: Enabling flexible scheduling and tools to create a better working environment

Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience in Challenging Economic Conditions

Discover how to deliver superior customer experience while controlling costs in our recent global research, Closing the Engagement Capacity Gap™: Which Organizations are Best Prepared to Solve the CX-Cost Equation?

Hear key insights from our global survey of more than 2,800 business leaders to measure and understand the new dynamics influencing the Engagement Capacity Gap.

Verint helps you unlock customer engagement possibilities that were barely imagined a few years ago. We’re innovating so you can create differentiated experiences and drive new insights. Talk to a Verint expert to learn more about our industry leading solutions.

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