Verint TimeFlex Bot

A radically better way for agents to manage their own schedules while balancing the needs of the business AND your customers.

Empower your agents

The Verint TimeFlex Bot employs complex algorithms, CX data and an innovative game mechanic to enable permissionless, agent-initiated schedule changes at scale. It helps agents juggle work and life when life happens.

  • Agents no longer have to submit a change request for every little change to their schedule.
  • Managers don’t have to spend hours reviewing, analyzing, and granting or denying shift change requests.
  • Agents feel empowered to manage their own schedules.

With the TimeFlex Bot, agents can autonomously adjust their Verint Workforce Management schedules in real time, giving them unprecedented flexibility.

Some have called this the Uberization of the contact center. Check out this LinkedIn Live session between Verint’s Dave Singer and Brent Leary of CRM Playaz, as they discuss this very topic.

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Key features

  • Provide true agent flexibility

    Flexible scheduling for “in the moment” changes to provide employees with the flexibility needed to improve their work/life balance.

  • Empower agents

    Agents can adjust their shifts in real-time without lengthy and restrictive approval processes of historically manual solutions.

  • Reduce costly manual review processes

    Free up team leads and workforce planners to focus on what they do best. By automating agent shift alterations, you can reduce the cost and friction of approvals and replanning.

How it works

The Verint TimeFlex Bot automatically calculates the impact of shift changes based on forecasted volumes, capacity, and performance for every 15-minute interval and assigns a “FlexCoin” value to each. Employees earn FlexCoins when they make a change that is beneficial to the company, for example, when they choose to work an interval for which the company is understaffed. Employees can then spend those FlexCoins to make changes to their schedule that are better for them but are less beneficial to the company.

The TimeFlex bot makes the calculations in real-time, so as employees are making changes, the model stays current. As long as employees maintain a positive FlexCoin balance and don’t change the total number of hours they are working, they can make any changes they want to align their schedule to the needs of their life.

Increase retention and reduce absenteeism

High agent turnover is one of the most significant costs to a contact center; impacting recruitment, training, team leader attention, and your customers who have to rely on agents that are still coming up to speed.

Offering shift flexibility with the TimeFlex Bot has been shown to reduce attrition by as much as 30%, by helping employees better balance work and life.

The Bot also helps reduce absenteeism. For example, say your child has a fever. The medical center can see them at 10 am, but your shift is scheduled to start at 9. To avoid the hassle of submitting a change request to your manager, which is typically a manual process and time consuming, the agent simply calls in sick.

But with TimeFlex, that agent can easily modify their start time to noon and pick up 3 hours on another day. So instead of the team being down one person for a full day, they are only short for 3 hours and the agent doesn’t get penalized for an unplanned absence.

Improve customer wait times and CX

Providing a great agent experience is no good if it causes poor customer experience. Our algorithm uses your forecast demand, staffing levels, and customer targets within the Verint Workforce Management solution to balance employee flexibility with the needs of the business.  It helps ensure that the sum of all of the changes made by your agents adds up to a schedule that is as good or better than the one that was originally published.

“It’s empowering the agent, which increases employee satisfaction, which hopefully translates over to an improved customer experience.”

Brent Leary, Partner, CRM Essentials and co-founder of the Playaz Productions Network

Check out the Playaz episode: A Few Good Minutes on the Uberization of the Contact Center with David Singer

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Deliver ROI and cost savings

One customer with a 2,000 agent contact center was grappling with an annual attrition rate of 36% and an average unplanned absence rate of 9.2%. At a $45,000 USD loaded cost and 10 percent replacement cost, they are spending an extra $11.5M USD in avoidable people costs.

By giving agents the flexibility to modify their schedules with Verint TimeFlex Bot, the contact center was able to:

  • Reduce attrition by 12%, from 36% to 24%
  • Reduce unplanned absences by 24.1%

This resulted in annualized cost savings of $2.7M USD.

A simple, powerful and affordable solution to empower your agents to manage their schedules. Try it yourself!