Multinational Insurance Company Supports Flexible Working with Verint TimeFlex Bot

By enabling contact center agents to easily make changes to their schedules, the leading insurer dramatically decreased absenteeism and attrition.


  • 30%

    Decreased attrition by 30%.

  • 23%

    Reduced absenteeism by 23%.

  • 17x

    Achieved a 17x return on investment.

About the Multinational Insurance Company

For a large, multinational insurance company based in the Asia Pacific region, offering a flexible workplace is a key objective when it comes to attracting and retaining the best talent. At the same time, the insurer recognized that flexibility is different for everyone, so empowering employees to conveniently and effectively make changes to their schedules on their own terms would go a long way toward enabling work-life balance.

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Opportunity: A flexible workplace Is key for attracting and retaining the best talent

The company’s existing solutions for staff scheduling did not provide the granular flexibility needed for employees to truly meet the work-life balance they desired. While the insurer had shift swap and shift bidding capabilities in place, making shift changes in its contact centers typically involved several conversations among the employee, their manager, and colleagues.

Given the manual effort required, the process was time consuming, labor intensive, and frustrating, with less-than-optimal outcomes for all involved. As a result, the insurer sought to automate the process to drive greater workforce flexibility for the benefit of its employees and, in turn, the business.

Solution: Small shift changes can make big differences to agents’ lives

The leading general insurer implemented Verint TimeFlex Bot to support and enhance flexible scheduling in its contact centers. With Verint TimeFlex Bot, the insurer transformed what had been a manual process into a flexible, digital, and automated experience that makes life easier for managers and employees.

The best-of-breed Verint TimeFlex Bot uses a proprietary AI model to calculate the schedule “value” for every 15-minute interval based on demand and agent availability. This value is represented as “FlexCoins,” which the agents can earn and spend based on changes to the schedule. The model also ensures the sum of all changes has an overall positive impact on schedule quality. Consequentially, contact center agents are empowered to make unlimited changes to their shifts on their own, without seeking manager or workforce planning approval, assuming they maintain a positive FlexCoin value.

“We’ve seen many employees making small changes that can make a big difference to their lives,” says a group executive at the insurance company. “For example, one agent changed their shift by just 15 minutes so they could leave work a bit earlier. This enabled the employee to avoid traffic and, most important, make it home in time for after-school pickup.”


Verint TimeFlex Bot is used by more than 350 of the insurer’s contact center employees, enabling over 2,500 shift changes per month. This represents a 10x increase in the number of monthly shift changes versus prior to the implementation of the AI-powered Verint solution. Subsequently, the insurer saw a 23 percent decrease in absenteeism and a 30 percent reduction in attrition.

Moreover, users of Verint TimeFlex Bot feel more in control of their lives and reported a significant improvement in self-assessed mental wellbeing.

“As the mother of a child with ongoing medical needs, flexibility is everything to me,” explains a contact center employee at the insurance company. “Her medical care, coupled with the needs of all my children, resulted in my absence from work quite often in the past. Today, thanks to Verint TimeFlex Bot, I am empowered to take control of my work time, so I have the flexibility needed to be there for both my family and my company’s customers.”

“Just as it has helped our people, we know that Verint TimeFlex Bot has the potential to benefit many different business units, bringing about meaningful change to even more employees.”

Group Executive
Multinational Insurance Company

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