See how Alorica reduced business complexity and surfaced valuable customer insights.

    Opportunity: Enhance Customer Experience (CX)

    From acquisition and sales to customer care and support, Alorica provides a host of world-class services, including customer relationship management and back-office support. The company serves clients in a wide array of industries, including communications, financial services, healthcare, retail, and tech – 70 percent of which are Fortune 500 companies. The company has more than 100,000 employees in 150 locations across 17 countries worldwide.

    Celebrating 20 years in business, Alorica was named “BPO of the Year” at the 2019 CCW Excellence Awards. This award honors the most innovative contact center solutions and global teams that have delivered results for their clients and their consumers.

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    Solution: Verint Workforce Engagement Solutions

    Alorica leverages a full range of Verint Workforce Engagement solutions to support best-in-class customer experience and employee efficiency and collaboration, including Verint Interaction Recording, Verint Encryption Management, Verint Quality Management, Verint Enterprise Workforce Management, Verint Speech Analytics, and Verint Community.

    Alorica also leverages Verint Speech Analytics as part of its advanced analytics and customer experience (CX) intelligence capabilities that optimize performance and enhance the customer journey.

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    Working with Verint

    “We have a long-standing relationship with Verint, and time and again they’ve proven their ability to be flexible and it’s been a great partnership,” says Mark Fortlage, vice president of operational support at Alorica. “As we keep adding more clients, our systems must be scalable, sustainable, and secure and Verint brings all those things to the table.”

    Fortlage adds that the ability to leverage the full Verint Workforce Engagement suite versus multiple solutions from multiple vendors provides a level of simplicity and integration that is highly valued. “We can get information out of one system into another system quickly and seamlessly. The things Verint brings to the table are comprehensive – it’s what they do best and what they do best allows us to do what we do best.”

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    Benefits: Improve CX with Speech Analytics

    With Alorica’s enhanced speech analytics capabilities, its clients are better able to improve the customer experience by addressing customer inquiries and issues faster on the first call. Additionally, Alorica’s enhanced analytics enable the company’s clients to reduce call volume and costs by identifying ineffective self-serve tools and broken operational processes, and lower churn by proactively engaging with potential detractors identified by common calling and speech patterns.

    “With Verint Speech Analytics, we’re able to transcribe things that just happened a few hours ago so we can monitor trends throughout the day in near real-time,” explains Fortlage. “We’re helping our clients find those insights that make their customer relationships stronger.”

    Verint has also helped Alorica simplify customer engagement, notes Fortlage. “Our business involves a great deal of complexity with all the different customers, activities, rules and technologies. Keeping things simple is just necessary, and Verint has been able to support our growth journey in a way that’s incredibly effective but also simple.”

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    Results: Discover Trends, Detect Root Causes and Monitor Performance

    With Verint, Alorica can deeply analyze agent-customer phone interactions on a vast scale that is unmatched by manual processes or random surveys. As a result, the BPO is able to share real-time intelligence with its clients to help them make informed decisions, enhance experiences, simplify engagement, and more clearly understand what its customers think, feel, want, and need.

    Moreover, Verint’s unified solution enables the company to quickly discover emerging customer trends, detect the root causes of complaints, more effectively measure satisfaction, and readily monitor agent performance. Alorica is gaining data-driven insights all along the customer journey and can customize metrics and measurements to align with each client’s unique needs, in turn empowering customer and employee engagement.

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