Florius is an innovative mortgage lender with more than 70 years of experience. Headquartered in the Netherlands, this leading financial services provider has 400,000 customers and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ABN AMRO Hypotheken Groep.

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The results

  • Improved Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 5 points and customer satisfaction (CSAT) from 8.4 to 8.6

  • Increased first contact resolution (FCR) by 5%
  • Provides more rewarding mortgage service experience, boosting customer loyalty

Opportunity: Put customers front and center

The organization is on a digital transformation journey – one aimed at putting customers at the center of every engagement and transaction. “Four years ago, we sat down and mapped out a future-facing strategy, examining which components of customer contact we could improve,” says Deliane Schimmel, Manager Advice and Service at Florius. “Our primary goal was to make every conversation between Florius customers and employees engaging, responsive and rewarding. Previously, if a customer contacted our organization twice during the course of a few days, they often had to repeat their situation to an employee all over again. This was an important cause for irritation, among both customers and employees.”

Seif Alhamrany, Team Manager Advice at Florius adds, “A mortgage is a fairly complex product. There’s so much you need to think about both as a customer and as a consultant. To enable the ideal customer conversation, we built an interface with our knowledge database. This way, the employee can focus more on the dialogue instead of having to look up information in the system.”

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Solution: Discover intelligent insights using Verint Speech Analytics

Using Verint Speech Analytics, Florius can automatically surface intelligent insights from call records for immediate action. Alhamrany explains, “Verint Speech Analytics enables us to discover how the employees’ conversations proceed and perform quick analyses of the customers’ needs. These insights allow us to very quickly communicate with employees to improve conversations. In addition, we use the solution to analyze customer conversations so we can learn from them. We then use the data to further optimize the process and to improve our employee empowerment.”

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Verint Real-Time Agent Assist enables better service

In addition to Verint Speech Analytics, Florius also leverages Verint Real-Time Agent Assist. By listening to voice interactions as they happen, Florius is uniquely poised to identify opportunities to guide interactions toward better outcomes for customers and the organization.

Schimmel explains, “While an employee is talking to a customer, Verint Real-Time Agent Assist  directly provides them with up-to-date information based on what is being discussed. With everything that’s going on in the market and during the Covid-19 pandemic, Verint Real-Time Agent Assist enables Florius to be more agile – adjusting our knowledge database and ensuring employees have the right information at the right time. This supports the training of existing employees and shortens the learning curve of new employees. For customers, it means we can provide them with up-to-date information that responds to new rules or developments in the mortgage market.”

Alhamrany and the team collaborated with NTT, Avaya and Verint on the deployment – achieving going live across the organization in a few months. “We’re very proud of this process,” notes Alhamrany. “We involved all employees from the start and asked three employees to work on the project fulltime. They were asked to analyze customer conversations. What is the customer asking for? What is going well and what is not going so well? We used a bottom-up approach. Employees who were involved truly contributed to the development of the technology. Thanks to their experience in talking to customers on the phone, they knew what customers wanted.”

Schimmel agrees that involving employees in the rollout was crucial to the rapid deployment and successful outcome: “The employees became intrinsically motivated and involved. I truly believe in the power of the employee. By connecting Verint Speech Analytics with Verint Real-Time Agent Assist, we can now shift gears more quickly and provide a better service because the available data can now be used optimally in conversations.”

Improved processes and service with Verint Speech Analytics

Within the first four months of the deployment of Verint Real-Time Agent Assist, Florius noted the following improvements:

  • NPS improved from +23 to +28 points
  • FCR increased from 83% to 88%
  • CSAT improved from 8.4 to 8.6
  • Hold time reduced by two seconds

Thanks to Verint Speech Analytics and Verint Real-Time Agent Assist, Florius has been able to analyze the content, context and emotion of every conversation, even during the challenging Covid-19 pandemic. With the structured feedback that resulted from these analyses, Florius can further improve its website, knowledge bank and internal processes. This will have a positive effect on the overall performance, employee satisfaction and customer experience.

“We’ve always been progressive,” Schimmel concludes. “We want to keep reinventing ourselves. That’s why the integration of Verint Speech Analytics and Verint Real-Time Agent Assist suits our services so well.”

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