Engagement Data Insights

Get the intelligence you need, not just what you’ve asked for and turn behavioral data into actionable insights with the power of AI. Automate root-cause analysis to improve CX and reduce costs.

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Not another BI tool…

Beyond the requested reports, Verint Engagement Data Insights automatically offers you useful information you should keep an eye on. This is made possible by Verint’s AI-powered Data Insights Bot surfacing anomalies, trends, and correlations within your multi-source behavioral and engagement data.

Top benefits

  • Reduce complexity

    Type in your query and get real-time insights instantly.

  • Conduct easier root-cause analysis

    Discover anomalies, trends, and seasonality.

  • Get consumable insights

    Augment charts and graphs with automatically generated audio-visual  presentations.

  • Connect data silos

    Connect data from multiple sources for enriched reports.

  • Enhance collaboration

    Export, share and access your insights from any device.

  • Stay informed

    Go beyond the questions you asked with AI-driven highlights.

What Is behavioral data?

Behavioral data is any piece of information revealing how customers engage and interact with your brand, including

  • Omnichannel interaction data
  • Customer and employee experience data
  • Workforce performance data

It can range from average handle time to your customer’s feedback on the interaction and the sentiment of your employees. This data is critical for your business, but it often exists in silos and is hard to harness.

Verint Engagement Data Insights can help you unleash the power of behavioral data, boost customer engagement and transform your business.

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Core capabilities

  • Accessing insights has never been easier

    Users can now access real-time insights easily, without excessive training by:

    • Reviewing personalized, curated, automatically generated highlights of data.
    • Simply typing in a question and getting answers instantly.
    • Using suggested searches powered by generative AI technology.

    Move beyond limited, pre-defined reports and get a holistic view of your interaction data without significant technical expertise, extensive data prep, or tiresome iterations between business users and IT teams.

    AI powered, personalized dashboard showing on a CCaaS screen.

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