Don’t settle for a piece of the puzzle – get the whole picture of your customer interactions

Speech Analytics is an immensely valuable tool to get a clear picture of your customer service experience – what customers are asking, how they feel, and how your agents are responding. But today, digital channels like chat, messaging, and digital surveys are often your customers’ first choice to contact you. It’s critical to understand the quality of service across all of your channels, and solutions like speech analytics only give you a piece of the puzzle.

In this session, you’ll see how Verint’s full suite of analytics solutions can give you the breadth of insights you need to provide an exceptional customer experience across channels, uncover process inefficiencies, and spot emerging trends before they become issues.

Watch now and learn how to get more insights out of every interaction.


Kelly Koelliker
Sr. Director, Content Marketing, Verint


Roni Ravuna

Roni Ravuna
GTM Director, Speech And Text Analytics, Verint

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