Compliance Solutions

Turn compliance with internal standards and regulatory requirements from pain to gain. Achieve strategic advantage by efficiently addressing data protection laws and industry-specific governance.

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Build a culture of compliance and make meeting internal and external regulatory requirements another positive component of your customer engagement strategy.

Whether you’re aiming to respond to data protection requirements such as the GDPR, or answering industry specific expectations like HIPAA in health care, MiFID II in financial services, or PCI-DSS in credit card payment, Verint can be your trusted compliance partner.

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Compliance Solutions Designed for Your Business

  • Financial Compliance

    Improve compliance in trading room, contact center, and financial back office operations by capturing voice, video, desktop, and text interactions across multiple channels and collaboration tools.
  • Data Privacy, Regulatory & Process Compliance

    Discover agile solutions that can help you comply with existing regulations and standards – such as GDPR or PCI-DSS – and prepare for upcoming data protection laws.
  • Public Safety Compliance

    Explore solutions for public safety and critical infrastructure operations that can help you enhance mission-critical communication, boost efficiency and reduce risks.

Featured Compliance Solutions

  • Compliance Recording

    Capture, encrypt, search, archive, and replay interactions for compliance and liability protection.
  • Microsoft Teams Recording

    Empower your teams to remain compliant; with communications recording across the full range of Microsoft Teams collaboration modes.
  • Zoom Recording

    Benefit from unified, risk-based compliance recording for Zoom Phone and Zoom Meetings. Capture, archive, analyze, and retrieve interactions across voice, video, and screen sharing.
  • Automated Quality Management

    Enhance compliance, avoid regulatory penalties and improve service quality, with the power to automatically review 100% of calls, 100% of the time.
  • Compliance Triggers

    Help ensure compliance and reduce risk in your contact center. Proactively prevent regulatory breaches, by providing essential compliance-related information and guidance to employees at critical points.
  • Automated Verification

    Verify that your underlying communications and recording infrastructure are fully operational and meet compliance requirements while mitigating the risk of costly disruptions.
  • Desktop & Process Analytics

    Enhance compliance by automatically labelling captured data, avoiding the capture of sensitive customer information and detecting behavior that does not comply with regulations or company practices.
  • Employee Desktop

    Enhance compliance by giving employees single-screen access to applications, customer information, and business processes they need, and restricting access to those they don’t.
  • Robotic Process Automation

    Enhance compliance and security by using software robots to process sensitive tasks, handle confidential information, and consistently complete processes according to regulations.
  • Speech Analytics

    Analyze up to hundred percent of your phone interactions to reveal occurrences of non-compliance and fraud, so you can take immediate action.
  • Text Analytics

    Drive compliance by quickly revealing regulatory breaches across text-based digital channels, including email, web chat, surveys, and social media.
  • Knowledge Management

    Give your employees quick access to a reliable source of information to quickly find the most current, accurate and compliant answers to customer inquiries.

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