The Rising Tide of Data Privacy Regulations

A Guide to Staying Afloat

Webinar: The Rising Tide of Data Privacy Regulations​

It’s time to gear up: GDPR was just the start!

In 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced significant changes to consumer rights, the power of regulatory authorities, and the magnitude of sanctions for non-compliance.
It also set a strong standard for data privacy governance and territorial reach and inspired a number of similar legislative measures. Several countries and governments are in the process of issuing new data privacy laws, making it more challenging and complex for businesses to manage.

Read on to discover how to stay afloat in the rising tide of data privacy regulations:

  1. The First Wave: 5 Lessons Learned from GDPR
  2. GDPR: The First Ripple of a Rising Tide?
  3. Helping You Stay Afloat

Five Lessons We Learned from GDPR

  • Encryption is more important than ever

    GDPR imposes strict requirements on organizations that have suffered a data breach. By encrypting data in transit, as well as at rest, you can greatly reduce the risk of exposure by breaches – and in turn, may benefit from reduced notification requirements.

GDPR: The First Ripple of a Rising Tide?

Today, most organizations rely on increasing levels of customer data to help them engage with customers and provide personalized experiences. Many businesses have collected this data wherever they could and may have found new sources to help perfect their customer engagement strategy. But with this growing insight has come rising privacy concerns.

Unregulated possession and use of customer information could leave individuals vulnerable to its misuse, as evidenced by recent data breaches and exploitation by third parties. In response, governments are asserting customer rights, creating privacy protection for individuals within their regions.

Measures, similar in their principles to GDPR, are now being introduced around the globe. According to Gartner, “Multiple countries are implementing regulations inspired by the GDPR principles, a movement that is likely to continue into the foreseeable future.” All of this is in addition to other regulations that already govern the use and processing of personal data, potentially placing an extra burden on businesses.

Helping You Stay Afloat

The new wave of privacy regulations is approaching fast. Learn more about evolving regulations and complex challenges.

While governments are moving to secure and assert privacy rights and implement data protection regulations, there is increasing customer demand for more efficient service tailored to individual needs. These differing requirements can work against one another and are the cause of a number of challenges that businesses have to face today. These include:

  • The scope for conflicting processes that require proper operational oversight, to avoid compliance failures.
  • There is a continuous change in the nature and extent of data that can, cannot, or must be captured and properly handled – across multiple communication channels. This makes the recording, storing, management and retrieval of such information a serious headache for IT teams and a risk to your business.
  • Having to comply with a range of strict, constantly evolving regulations, across different jurisdictions. Sometimes just keeping up with the changes is a challenge itself.
  • Keeping all data safe. The amount of data generated is growing exponentially. Solving the challenge of capturing, storing, archiving, classifying and searching this data is not enough – data also needs to be secured at all times.
  • Regulatory compliance is a resource-hungry task that can be a heavy burden for your business – both in terms of budget and headcount.

Imagine an easier way to navigate across regulations

What if…?

You had a way to ensure that the data you collect is encrypted at all times?
Then you would be able to avoid the risks, costs and reputational damage of having to notify every person whose data is affected by a breach.

Did you know…?

…that Verint’s Recording solutions can be enhanced with a state-of-the-art encryption option that helps ensure your data remains impossible to open up, whether it is in storage, being actively processed or at some point in between.

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What if…?

You could ensure that your employees ALWAYS followed your established scripts and procedures for gaining customer’s consent to process their data?

Then you could avoid the considerable burden of having to identify non-compliant interactions, inform the customer, purge or amend data, coach and re- train staff or even redesign your processes.

Did you know…?

…that Verint® Desktop and Process Analytics™ can recognize process steps and data entered by your employees and automatically provide process and scripting advice to help them stay compliant. It can also recognize and tag sensitive data to assist with later identification and retrieval.

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What if…?

You had a way to identify, track and extract personal data, wherever it is held?
Then you would be able to reduce the time and effort needed and more easily comply with data access requests and the “right to be forgotten”.

Did you know…?

…that Verint’s open platform, APIs, custom data fields and professional services can help reduce the overheads of complying with regulations? They empower you to track customer data across systems and to find, delete or export it to meet requirements, such as the right to access and to be forgotten. The open APIs also allow our solutions to co-exist and interoperate with key back- and front-office systems from many suppliers, removing or reducing the need for multiple solutions or expensive intermediate processing.

In Need of a Strategic Compliance Partner? Verint can help you navigate to calmer waters

Two men standing meeting on laptop

Verint is a trusted partner of thousands of businesses. We are at the forefront of answering new compliance challenges with a unique combination of state-of-the-art secure recording, capture and archive solutions.

No matter where you are in your compliance journey, Verint can help you — from data capture and management to automating existing regulatory processes.

• Compliance Triggers – help ensure compliance and reduce risk in your contact center.

• Verint Intelligent Call Recording – capture, analyze, securely store and easily retrieve interaction data across multiple channels.

• Desktop and Process Analytics – automate the capture and tagging of records to assist with identification, retrieval and archiving of personally identifiable data.

• Verint Encryption Management – ensure that recorded data remains encrypted at all times. Reduce the disclosure obligations under GDPR and address common requirements to protect sensitive data.

• Business Consulting – professional services can help you ensure that your Verint solutions play their part in addressing legal and compliance requirements.

Deployed in combination with Verint Encryption Management and Verint Desktop and Process Analytics, Verint Intelligent Call Recording can also facilitate compliance with Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) mandates.

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