Webinar: The Rising Tide of Data Privacy Regulations​

The Rising Tide of Data Privacy Regulations​

As organizations navigate the increasingly complex regulatory space around personal data (PII) privacy and protection, this webinar series will help to chart a course around some of the challenges with archiving, reporting and securing personal data in line with expected data privacy regulations.

Webinar 1: Three Simple Ways to Help You Stay Afloat
On-Demand | Duration: 30mins

Webinar 2: Tackling New Challenges
On-Demand | Duration: 30mins

Webinar 3: Putting It Together – Turning Data Privacy Compliance From Pain to Gain
On-Demand | Duration: 30min


Siobhan Miller

Vice President, Portfolio Market Strategy, Verint

Siobhan has over 15 years’ experience working with operations and customer experience professionals across industries to develop and implement products that improve customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. In her current role, she focuses on driving innovations in the contact center.

Iain Daws

Director of Content Marketing, Verint

Iain leads a team responsible for marketing Verint’s portfolio of compliance solutions. He has worked for Verint for 7 years and has over 30 years’ experience in sales, marketing and project management of IT solutions for public and commercial markets.

Madelyn Gengelbach

Principal, Market Tuning Group

MBA consultant with professional certifications in privacy law, design sprints, Lego Serious Play and competitive intelligence. Her certifications include: Certified Information Privacy Professional/US (CIPPUS) and EU General Data Protection Regulations Practitioner (GDPR P).


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