Automated Verification for compliance and operational assurance

Perform Quality of User Experience (QoE) service tests and end-to-end system tests across multiple vendor platforms, applications, and communication paths to help ensure the optimum operation of your critical communications and recording infrastructure.

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New challenges in regulatory compliance

Stringent regulations, legal oversight, and increased competition pose new challenges for today’s organizations, especially in heavily regulated industries such as financial services, insurance, and utilities. Companies face increased compliance costs and in the event of non-compliance, they risk reputational damage and hefty fines.

Designed to deliver deep operational oversight, Verint Automated Verification incorporates a comprehensive set of automated offerings that can help foster compliance assurance and deliver improved operational value for your business.

See how ninety one Transitioned to Unified Compliance Recording and Operational Assurance.

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Automate “walk-the-floor” functional and audio quality testing

A failure at any point in your contact center’s or trader floor’s complex communication infrastructure can cause severe issues for your business. Yet, many organizations choose to rely on individually testing each element, which is virtually impossible.

With Verint Automated Verification, you can:

  • Automate on-demand functional testing of your communication infrastructure
  • Automatically confirm the quality of your audio recordings across all communication paths
  • Ensure that all calls can be recorded and retrieved correctly
  • Reduce the risk of degraded service after changes to the communications and recording infrastructure

Operations Check

Operations Check, a building block of Verint Automated Verification, is an automated solution that conducts systematic audio quality testing and scoring across handsets, communications platforms, and voice recorders.

Trusted by global banks, investment firms, asset managers, and trading rooms, it offers intelligent automation and accurate verification to help you ensure that captured interactions are of consistent quality that meets regulatory standards.

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Detect malfunctions in your communication infrastructure in a timely manner

A malfunction in your communication system – such as downtime, reduction in resource availability, or misconfiguration – can cause problems such as missed recordings and disputes. These can create non-compliance, resulting in penalties, reputational damage, loss of business.

With Verint Automated Verification, you can:

  • Quickly and automatically perform holistic testing of your communications infrastructure.
  • Provide uniformity and repeatability of platform configurations through consistent testing, reporting, and alerting.
  • Ensure seamless daily operations by maintaining sufficient licensing and line capacity across the system.
  • Automatically verify that all components are operational after any change to the system.
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System Check

System Check automatically tests the entire voice communications and recording infrastructure and provides alerts where failures have occurred.

The solution helps your teams verify that configurations are correct, software versions are synchronized, and services are running consistently while alerting you to failures through real-time dashboards and exception reports.

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Make sure that all of your calls are recorded in line with your policy

In financial services client interactions must be captured to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. You will also use these records in audits or for quality management and compliance checks.  Checking if all relevant calls are recorded often requires time-consuming and resource-hungry manual testing of a complex infrastructure.

With Verint Automated Verification, you can:

  • Automatically monitor every recorded call across multiple UC and telephony environments.
  • Be alerted to missing or incomplete records.
  • Lower operating costs, increase operational oversight, and shorten response times through automated testing.
  • Check if critical communications are being handled in accordance with your recording policy.
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Policy Check

Policy Check automatically examines every live call – inbound or outbound. It makes sure that conversations are successfully recorded and policy compliant, while reporting anomalies in near real-time.

It can deliver a level of oversight and regulatory audit evidence that would be difficult, if not impossible to achieve by manual testing alone. And it can help you eliminate the blind spots caused by missing or incomplete communication records and the late detection of call recording failures during investigations.

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Industry Recognition

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  • Best Trading Infrastructure Monitoring Platform, TradingTech Insight Awards

  • Microsoft Certified Microsoft Teams Recording Solution