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Get a holistic, real-time oversight of your interactions and captures. Ensure successful call recording and retention, support regulatory audits, and monitor call audio quality using an interactive service dashboard. With Verint Capture Verification, you can do all these and more.

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The challenges of call recording are multiplied

Do laws, regulations, or corporate policies require you to capture and retain each call and interaction during your daily operations? If being compliant with these obligations weren’t complicated enough already, hybrid work and conducting business across multiple geographies can make it even harder. But what if you could fulfill these requirements easily and worry-free?

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Why manual processes just don’t cut it

As non-compliance with regulatory rules and standards can result in severe legal, financial, and reputational damage, you must be certain that your recordings are captured seamlessly, reliably, and securely – with no exception. You need to be able to detect and manage missing recordings, poor quality, connection issues, and compliance gaps quickly and efficiently.

But when it comes to a complex communications environment, be it in a contact center or on the trading floor, continuous monitoring is time-consuming and highly expensive to do manually – or even impossible.

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How we can help

Verint Capture Verification is a valuable automation solution for firms seeking to ensure their compliance with laws, regulations, and corporate policies. It enables regulated businesses to reconcile every call, assure service performance, monitor key operations, and manage regulatory compliance risks. Uniquely designed to be agnostic about the communications solutions it works on, our solution exposes issues within the client environment, enabling non-compliance remediation in a timely manner.

Ensure flawless operations automatically

To prevent the serious repercussions of non-compliance with laws and regulations, regulated businesses must be able to capture, retain, and occasionally retrieve every interaction related to a specific trade or transaction. To be able to do this, their capture tools must operate seamlessly and reliably.

With Capture Verification, you can actively track every call in real time and ensure that they’re successfully and compliantly recorded and archived. The solution compares switch records with captures accurately and across all call legs, highlights problematic captures and discrepancies between the communications platform and the recorder, and reports anomalies such as device malfunctions in near real time. And it can also interpret and compare recording policies with its observations to remove false positives.

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Maintain proper audio quality to stay compliant

While capturing every call is critical, being compliant does not stop with recording conversations. If the quality of captured spoken interaction recordings is poor, they can’t be used for compliance purposes.

Verint Capture Verification monitors call quality using the actual audio file and detects issues with volume, crosstalk, and silence. It also picks up decoding errors and artifacts – such as beeps or clicks – that occur during the conversation. Using this data, it also calculates and monitors audio scores to provide service levels that can be tracked over time and in both directions.

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Boost efficiency and reduce costs with automation

Visibility of end-to-end communications is key, but measuring performance manually is often difficult. In addition, identifying real, potential compliance risks a laborious and costly process – especially when businesses utilize multiple platforms.

Verint Capture Verification provides an advanced triage capability which automatically groups faults across global deployments and displays frequency and impact. With its interactive, secure, browser-based service dashboard, your business can gain centralized control across your whole communications suite.

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Increase accuracy with sophisticated reconciliation

Other reconciliation tools require complex tuning and scripts to recognize and manage false positive scenarios, among other things, which is often a laborious and time-consuming exercise.

Our solution’s unique tiered approach uses multiple mechanisms to match each call, applying different methods depending on the specific scenario, vendor, and modality. By iterating through various algorithms, Capture Verification picks the most accurate, efficient, and appropriate mechanism on a call leg by call leg basis, thus increasing system accuracy, reducing overheads, and accelerating time-to-service.

By implementing reconciliation tools, further analysis in Verint Engagement Data Management is more accurate and compliant, giving you more confidence that any issue can be quickly identified any resolved.

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  • Most Innovative Regulatory Compliance Monitoring, A-Team Innovation Awards 2023

  • Best Compliance Product at UC Today’s UC Awards 2022

  • Microsoft Certified Microsoft Teams Recording Solution