Ninety One Transitions to Unified Compliance Recording and Operational Assurance with Verint

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  • Provides unified compliance recording and compliance assurance for a complex, global communication infrastructure.

  • Reduces time needed for user additions and provisioning from weeks to a matter of minutes.

  • Saves three hours every morning by automating daily infrastructure monitoring.


Ninety One, formerly known as Investec Asset Management, is a founder-led, independent global asset manager. The company, established in South Africa in 1991, has £118 billion in assets under management. It offers a range of high-conviction, active strategies to its sophisticated global client base across the world. Ninety One serves clients across both institutional and advisor distribution channels.

Ninety One demerged from Investec Group in 2020. As part of its separation strategy, the company required a modern, resilient compliance recording capability to capture internal and external interactions while supporting stringent regulatory compliance obligations and quality assurance worldwide.

According to Marius Van Tonder, Global Infrastructure Manager at Ninety One, the organization had very specific compliance recording requirements. “We needed a single, unified solution to record interactions through Skype for Business, Cisco Call Manager, and BT turrets on the trading floor across all our global locations,” Van Tonder explains.

“The tool needed to provide complete, watertight visibility into our telephony and recording infrastructure. We didn’t want to face a situation where our organization found out a month after the fact that we had inadvertently lost thousands of calls.”

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Van Tonder and his team evaluated a group of vendors and selected Verint Financial Compliance for the breadth of capabilities offered. “We relied on another vendor for our compliance recording, but it didn’t meet our demanding technical parameters. We sought a more flexible solution to cope with our call volumes,” says Van Tonder.

Verint’s robust compliance recording solution met all of the organization’s parameters. “Only Verint met our brief,” notes Van Tonder. “From one license, Verint Financial Compliance offers Ninety One the flexibility to consolidate our recorders into one system and record any platform and any channel – including voice calls, screens, and instant messages – together with audit and policy management. Verint also understood our business drivers and our technology. The firm’s deep discovery process quickly surfaced our strict requirements.”


Today, Verint provides Ninety One with unified compliance recording and operational monitoring as the global asset manager implements its new enterprise communications environment. Verint Financial Compliance is deployed across financial trading floors and back-office operations in 18 offices globally – from South Africa, Africa, and the U.K. to the U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. Collectively, the solution supports over 950 regulated users dispersed across the globe.

Using Verint, the company can leverage a single platform, with a single point of administration, maintenance, and reporting, to capture and monitor interactions via Cisco Call Manager, voice, chat, screen, and content sharing in Skype for Business, and trader voice interactions via BT turret platforms.

This forward-thinking compliance strategy was rapidly deployed, as Van Tonder explains. “We went live in three days, which was ahead of the very tight timetable we gave Verint. Part of the reason for this agility was the exceptional work by the Verint project manager and the Verint Financial Compliance certified engineer. The collaboration and effort were first-class.”

As part of its seamlessly integrated compliance implementation, Ninety One is also deploying Verint Automated Verification alongside Verint Financial Compliance to support call recording assurance, infrastructure monitoring, and automated testing. “Previously, it took our technology team up to three hours every morning to perform the daily check,” says Roelof Liebenberg, Network Communications Architect at Ninety One. “Verint Automated Verification will enable us to monitor and test our communication and recording infrastructure to ensure it is fully operational, with zero touch from the technical team.”

The asset manager is looking for Verint to support their compliant technology transformation as their team is preparing to roll out Microsoft Teams, Van Tonder adds. “Being able to leverage the same deployment to record Teams calling and meetings and adopt a cloud-based approach will offer an even greater degree of flexibility and efficiency.”

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Verint’s comprehensive, innovative compliance recording solution is delivering business and technical value to Ninety One Group at every step:

  • Financial compliance: Unified enterprise recording, data management, and alerting improves Ninety One’s adherence to financial services and trading regulations across multiple geographies, reduces liability, and helps to mitigate operational risk.
  • Unified management: Seamlessly integrated call recording, voice quality validation, call recording checks, and system monitoring streamlines end-to-end compliance management across unified communications and collaboration, trader voice and enterprise telephony platforms.
  • Productivity: Users can be added or retired to/from the Verint platform in minutes using Active Directory synchronization, as compared to weeks with the previous solution.
  • Efficiency: Saves up to three hours every morning by automating start-of-the-day checks and infrastructure testing to validate if all extensions and recording work as expected.
  • Innovation: With increased productivity, technicians have more time to focus on innovation and other strategic tasks.
  • Agility: Ninety One went live on Verint Financial Compliance in three days, whereas installation of previous solution took six months due to configuration and integration complexity.
  • Compliance applications: Ninety One’s compliance department is empowered by sophisticated search and playback, records management, and other advanced features supporting compliance investigations.
  • Remote operations: Their team benefits from a reliable compliance and recording solution that supports Ninety One’s transition to work-from-home arrangements during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic – helping their business to continue to adhere to regulatory obligations.
  • Usability: The compliance team can define access control and permissions, data management, and retention policies on a granular level using an intuitive admin user interface.

“Verint Financial Compliance is a seamlessly integrated technology suite and, coupled with the expertise of the Verint team, ensures our dynamic organization can face its trading future with confidence.” Van Tonder concludes.

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