A change in conversation – Let’s talk about the future of financial compliance

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For years, conversations around financial compliance focused on recording calls, texts, chats, and other interactions on different devices. However, today, in the age of hybrid work, keeping up with changing user needs and behavior requires a paradigm shift. We need to shift the focus from technologies to the alignment of data around people.

In this webinar, you’ll learn all about the direction financial businesses need to take going forward to ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements. The presentation touches on many exciting aspects and novelties in the area of financial compliance, including:

  • The evolution of voice technology in financial trading
  • The complexity of compliance capture
  • The hidden 4th line of defense
  • Human Compliance™
  • Next-Gen compliance capabilities available in VFC

Watch as Phil Fry, Vice President of Financial Compliance Strategy describes the future of financial compliance and what it’s capable of when it’s done right.


Phil Fry
Vice President of Financial Compliance Strategy

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You can watch the webinar above.