BGL Group Increases Agility and Operational Excellence with Verint

BGL Group is a leading digital distributor of insurance services to more than 11 million customers.

The results

  • Improved employee planning and forecasting against workload.

  • Saved 11 team leaders 45 minutes every day by automating daily attendance data processing.

  • Enabled more agile decision making based on timely, accurate performance data.

About BGL Group

BGL Group is a leading digital distributor of insurance services to more than 11 million customers. Brands within the company’s Price Comparison Division include and in France. The company’s Insurance, Distribution, and Outsourcing brands include Budget Insurance, Dial Direct, and Beagle Street.

BGL Group is committed to both its customers and its employees. One of BGL’s strategic targets is to maximise customer satisfaction across all brands. Meanwhile, from an employee perspective, the company is proud to achieve an 86 percent staff engagement score.

However, BGL is always looking to the future. In its four UK sites, this means improving back-office workforce processes in order to optimise end-to-end customer engagement across all insurance brands. This ranges from managing staffing levels and providing employees with convenient schedules to automating routine administrative tasks and identifying time-off opportunities.


The opportunity

BGL Group has been a highly satisfied user of Verint Workforce Management and Verint Operations Manager for some time. In fact, the company is focused on effectively connecting the data from the two solutions to create a single, unified view of all people across all channels.

“We rely on Verint Workforce Management to match workloads among our back-office administrative teams,” explains Louise Cook, forecasting and capacity planning analyst at BGL Group. “We also use Verint Operations Manager to see at a glance how our resources and processes are performing. However, some data such as attendance, holidays, and sick leave needed to be entered separately into different systems.”

This single view would enable BGL to make better use of its existing resources, improve decision making, and enhance the end-to-end customer experience.

Identify trends, opportunities, and potential issues with Verint solutions

Verint Workforce Engagement solutions are helping to drive the next stage of growth at BGL Group. With Verint Workforce Management and Verint Operations Manager, the company continues to ensure proper staffing levels to meet customer demand. At the same time, using Verint Speech Analytics, the company is able to identify trends, opportunities, and potential issues from thousands, even millions, of recorded calls. This has unlocked significant productivity improvements in key areas such as average handle time. In turn, this has contributed to a measurable increase in customer satisfaction and first call resolution.

The back-office workforce optimisation solution enables the organisation to automatically allocate tasks based on priority, service goal, and the availability, skill level, and capacity of back-office teams across all four UK sites and any channel.

The catalyst for the integration of Verint Workforce Management and Verint Operations Manager was managing people attendance. “We met with Verint and our integration partner Sabio to identify what was achievable and to set up goals for the feed,” says Louise. “The aim being to view attendance, capacity, and workload in one system.”

Create a unified view of workforce availability

Following the integration co-ordinated by an expert team from Sabio, Verint Operations Manager captures multichannel work inputs, including attendance and exceptions like shifts, holidays, and sick leave. This insight is then automatically fed into Verint Workforce Management to create a unified view of workforce availability.

In all, 11 teams are now live on the unified system, with approximately 80 percent of users scheduled to use the new platform in the coming months. For the first time, BGL Group has a single view of capacity and workloads across all contact centres. Teams now also have the time and flexibility to create their own dashboards and use similar key performance indicators (KPIs). For example, a work matrix is deployed to highlight which resources are currently available, allowing the teams to quickly reassign multiskilled people as demand dictates.

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Increase productivity and improve operations

Since going live with the new Verint solution, BGL has experienced a number of key advantages:

  • Increased productivity: Eliminated the requirement for 11 team leaders to update daily attendance data, equivalent to each saving 45 minutes per day.
  • Accelerated performance reporting: Enabled BGL to make decisions based on timely, accurate performance data.
  • Optimised call centre efficiency: Used complete, timely skills insight to plan, forecast, and schedule employees to match workload.
  • Improved operations: Managed staffing levels and provided employees with convenient schedules to automate routine administrative tasks.
  • Enhanced visibility: Provided insight into complex, multichannel transactions and processes, as well as the ability to manage them effectively across call centres.

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