Malomatia Standardizes on Complete, Connected Verint Platform to Deliver e-Government for 37 Government Entities in Qatar

Malomatia, Qatar’s leading IT services provider, is working with the country’s government to deliver “e-Government for all”.

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The results

  • Enabled the contact center to manage a three-fold increase in multichannel interactions in 12 months.

  • Delivered on e-Government strategy to better serve the Qatari people and businesses.

  • Optimized contact center efficiency across 37+ government entities, 80+ lines of service, and 8 languages.

About Malomatia

Malomatia, Qatar’s leading IT services provider, is working with the country’s government to deliver “e-Government for all”. The Arabian country is accelerating its initiative to better serve individuals and businesses by bringing 100 percent of government services online, enabling users to complete e-services end-to-end from the convenience of their PC or mobile device. Simultaneously, the aim is to create more efficient administration through the automation of functions, modern applications, and a connected technology infrastructure.


The opportunity

The contact center operated by Malomatia is a critical focus for this forwardthinking strategy. It is the largest contact center in Qatar, hosting more than 37 ministries and government entities, covering more than 80 different lines of service. Calls are handled in eight languages, with Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, and Malayalam being the most popular. Web chat, email, and fax are the other channels of service. Offshore sites are managed in India, Sudan, Oman, and Jordan.

The COVID-19 lockdown led to unprecedented challenges for the contact center. These included:

  • Contact center call volumes increased from 400,000 to more than 1.2 million per month in just six months.
  • Up to 80 percent of agents had to transition to work from home.
  • Large groups of customer service representatives (CSRs) were being hired at four different sites across different countries, with varying degrees of hiring restrictions and a work visa embargo due to the pandemic.
  • The addition of new health sector services, which added 200 resources.
  • No existing holistic workforce optimization (WFO) platform and a quality management system that was unable to effectively scale.

Capture interactions and manage employee performance with Verint Workforce Engagement

In response to these challenges, Malomatia deployed a number of Verint Workforce Engagement solutions from the Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform. The solutions capture interactions and manage employee performance, enabling the Malomatia Contact Center to schedule the appropriate staffing levels, empower people, and enhance the e-Government experience. “These powerful, connected Verint Workforce Engagement solutions enable the contact center to be more efficient, effective, accessible, and customercentric,” says Ashish Kohli, contact center operations at Malomatia Qatar.

Verint Quality Management was deployed first, during the initial days of the COVID-19 pandemic, to replace the contact center’s existing solution, which was unable to support the increased interaction volume and the addition of multiple offshore sites.

Verint Quality Management, along with Verint Enterprise Recording, enabled Malomatia to not only maintain but improve quality of service in a very short timeframe.

It has been able to structure quality evaluations to match its needs and accurately monitor/record the performance of each team and each contact center site. In turn, Malomatia can identify areas of improvement and determine precise training needs.

The next task was to transform workforce management. Until recently, Malomatia relied on manual spreadsheetbased planning and scheduling for their contact center employees, with all the problems associated with data capture, complexity, and siloed reporting. In response, Malomatia standardised on Verint Workforce Management.

The innovative, streamlined forecasting and scheduling solution enables the contact center to effectively plan and manage its influx of new resources to address sharp rises in call volumes across the services it operates. Verint Workforce Management is now used to schedule more than 1,000 resources across five sites in five countries. The contact center also augments the solution with Verint Performance Management, creating a single, standardized framework to track, manage, and improve individual and team performance.

Identify deeper and more meaningful insights for improved citizen engagement

The Verint Workforce Engagement solutions are complemented by Verint Enterprise Experience. This innovative customer feedback solution replaces a formerly manual process and is actively used to identify deeper and more meaningful insights for improved citizen engagement. “Verint Enterprise Experience has enabled Malomatia to increase the feedback coverage many times over compared with the old manual feedback process,” notes Ashish. Overall, the adoption of Verint Workforce Engagement and Verint Experience Management has resulted in several benefits, including:

  • Effectively managed a 200 percent increase in call volume in six months and delivered on all key performance indicators.
  • Gained actionable, detailed insights into the citizen experience.
  • Met 100 percent of call recording targets, despite the sharp rise in call volume.
  • Enabled the planning and hiring of resources in large batches in multiple sites across four countries.
  • Exceeded revenue and profitability targets through more effective service delivery.

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Integrate Verint solutions to deliver an engaging experience across channels

Malomatia recognizes that, to be effective, the contact center requires continual improvement and innovation. To this end, Verint Speech Analytics, Verint Text Analytics, Verint Automated Quality Management and Verint Desktop Process Analytics are now being implemented. “All of these integrated Verint solutions are geared to Malomatia’s overriding strategy, which is to deliver an engaging experience to Qatar’s citizens and businesses as efficiently as possible across any channel,” Ashish concludes.

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