du Telecom Drives Proactive, In-the-Moment Customer Engagement Using Verint Experience Management

du Telecom offers mobile and fixed services, broadband connectivity, and TV streaming services to people, homes, and businesses across the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The results

  • Transforms quality of data capture and analysis.

  • Cuts survey execution time from 6 months to 24 hours

  • Turns captured data into actionable results

About du Telecom

The organization serves nine million customers with its services over a 5G network. It also caters to 100,000+ UAE businesses with its range of information and communications technology and managed services. Launched in 2007, du has many UAE firsts, including introduction of Pay by the Second billing system, IPTV, and a self-service portal.

The customer experience (CX) is a critical differentiator in the UAE telecommunications market. Forward-thinking organizations like du continually explore innovative ways to enhance CX and drive customer growth and retention.

Capture and act upon customer feedback in real-time

The challenge for du was to fully understand and diagnose customer sentiment and performance. Until recently, the organization lacked an agile, connected system to measure the voice of the customer. Surveys and other feedback mechanisms were completed in-house by stitching together data from various internal systems, including the data warehouse, customer lifecycle management system, and MicroStrategy embedded analytics platform.

This fragmented process made it difficult for du to capture and act upon customer feedback in real time across all channels and touchpoints after every interaction. In addition, a lack of unified, granular reporting made it harder to set accountability targets and align with coaching.

“Customer experience is a vital differentiator in our market,” explains Lusaka Negi, Senior Manager, QA and Training, at du Telecom. “We needed to capture key information while also providing comprehensive analytics to help reveal the effectiveness of our people, products, and processes. Armed with this insight, du would be uniquely poised to take fast, decisive action for discernible business impact.”

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Enhance CX, satisfaction, and loyalty

du’s goal was to transform customer feedback into insights to help enhance CX, satisfaction, and loyalty by:

  • Creating sophisticated, branded surveys using templates, questions, and themes to help improve response rates.
  • Centralizing multichannel feedback and case management initiatives on a single, scalable platform.
  • Managing satisfaction and loyalty program metrics, in particular transactional net promoter score (T-NPS).
  • Enabling easy survey participation through mobile-optimized delivery.
  • Targeting and segmenting customers to gain deeper insight.
  • Identifying future trends and operational improvements.
  • Measuring employee feedback to help improve training initiatives.

Gain a more holistic view of the customer experience with Verint Experience Management

du deployed Verint Experience Management to gain a more holistic view of the customer experience. Combining data from these Verint solutions, along with its already deployed Verint Speech Analytics, the organization unified feedback across the enterprise.

Today, the T-NPS program is part of a powerful and innovative voice of the customer strategy, with insights driving action and enhanced experiences. Overall, the implementation includes:

Always listening: Every du customer interaction, whether in-store, by phone, email, or another channel, automatically triggers a survey. Random sample surveys are also executed at different points in the customer journey to create timely, accurate feedback insights.

Capturing and managing customer feedback: du now has a consistent way to capture customer feedback in real time across all channels and touchpoints after every interaction. At the same time, it can more effectively manage the timing of surveys to eliminate “feedback fatigue” and improve response rates.

Dashboard reporting: du has adopted granular level, real-time, role-based reporting.

Closed loop: The organization can now act on customer feedback in real time, enabling it to contact unhappy customers before they churn. This, in turn, helps to identify root causes and fix issues.

Improved accountability: Using Verint Experience Management, du can set targets across all touchpoints and channels, as well as include the CX metrics (T-NPS and FCR) in commissions/incentives at applicable touchpoints. This also supports frontline coaching and training.

Improve CX and increase operational efficiencies with Verint Experience Management

With the addition of Verint Experience Management, du has unlocked easy to access, deeper insights, which provide a better understanding of customer behaviors, needs, and expectations. Having the right information in the Verint Experience Management solution enables the team to improve CX, increase operational efficiencies, and identify areas of improvement.

The benefits include:

  • Enables du to dramatically reduce the time needed to create and execute surveys from up to six months previously to 24 hours today.
  • Transforms quality of data capture and analysis. Whereas multiple systems previous fed into the survey, it is now contained in a single system.
  • Turns captured data into actionable results using real-time dashboards, analytics, and reporting.
  • Aggregates and tracks data across all surveys, different types of surveys, and various time periods in a single view.
  • Helps du unify disparate approaches, systems, and survey processes for targeted and more informed business decisions

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