Operations Manager

Ensure end-to-end service and quality goals are met.

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Ensure SLAs, quality and processing compliance goals

are met by prioritizing and rebalancing work to align with back-office resources, ensuring the right work is sent to the right people, at the right time.

  • 91% Reduction

    91% Reduction in end-to-end processing times (from >35 days to 3 days) Capita

  • from 2 day to 6 hour

    Wesleyan went from 2 day to 6 hour decision promise

  • Major UK Energy Provider

    Major UK Energy Provider substantial reduction in OT and increase in turnaround times

RSA transforms back-office productivity and effectiveness

Verint Operations Manager empowered RSA leadership with the actionable intelligence and business practices they needed to drive operational excellence.

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Case Study - Customer Success Story

“We gained complete insight into process inefficiencies, true volumes, skills, capacity, and demand by the second. For the first time, the leadership team felt empowered.”


Verint partners with iconic brands to balance back-office costs while improving service and close the Engagement Capacity Gap 

Enable a more agile, responsive back-office

Verint helps organizations tackle the top challenges in back-office operations:

  • Increase operational visibility and control.
  • Improve employee productivity and effectiveness.
  • Speed turnaround times and SLA achievement.

With Verint Operations Visualizer back offices can increase time spent in production. Verint Operations Productivity builds on that increase in productivity and helps improve the effectiveness of employees while in production. Verint Operations Manager enables organizations to dynamically rebalance and reprioritize workloads intraday to ensure end-to-end service goals are met.

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How to Transform Your Back Office into CX Heros

Speed and accuracy in your back office can have a tremendous impact on customer engagement.

Watch this Engage 2023 session to learn how to empower your managers and employees w/real-time data to improve speed, accuracy, and reduce costs to serve.

Bring the former unsung heroes of CX out of the shadows and into the limelight!

Automate work allocation across teams

Most back-offices have existing BPM systems to automate tasks and manage workflows. Problem is there are often multiple workflow systems, each focused on specific processes.

Verint Operations Manager can capture work items from all these systems. The solution organizes and prioritizes the allocation of work to ensure the end customer service goals are met.

This includes automating workflows between employees and the new digital worker: RPA robots.

Download: 5 Ways Your BPM System is Failing Your Back Office

Prioritize and rebalance work in real-time

Even with a robust, accurate capacity plan, unexpected events can wreak havoc on your operations – take the pandemic for example. Some industries were inundated with new requests, while others had major drop offs.

Real-time activity data lets managers balance workloads across teams intraday. Operations Manager helps reduce overtime, increase resource utilization, speed turnaround times, and ensure organizations meet, or exceed service goals.

Hear how Capita’s “mission control” helped them improve turnaround times by 70%.

Meet end-to-end service goals

Reduce the amount of rework and the added cost of customer complaints with automated quality workflows for real-time routing of work for validation before moving on to the next step.

Operations Manager can help ensure compliance to process and regulatory standards with simplified quality sampling and spot-checking of in- process work, sending automated alerts to managers when errors or process deviations are detected.

5 Amazing Examples of Improved SLAs

Your back-office automation journey

Further optimize your operations with workforce engagement solutions available on the Verint Cloud for Back-office Operations.

Featured Resources

Featured Solutions

  • Operations Visualizer

    Gain visibility and control of your day to day operations and improve employee productivity
  • Operations Productivity

    Increase employee effectiveness with a real-time dashboard to manage employee time, work volumes, and SLA achievement.
  • Performance Management

    Give employees and managers visibility into performance to drive better service and greater job satisfaction
  • Workforce Management

    Forecast and schedule your team to help achieve service goals, maximize capacity, and reduce costs.
  • Desktop and Process Analytics

    Optimize productivity and capacity, improve processes and help ensure compliance.