Capita Increases Customer Satisfaction and NPS with Verint

See how Capita Increases Customer Satisfaction from <70% to 90% and overall NPS by 40 points

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The results

  • Fulfills 80%

    Of all customer demands at the first point of resolution (FPR)

  • Reduced

    Average end-to-end processing times from >35 days to 3 days.

  • Reduced

    Complaints by 40% and staff attrition by 70%

Opportunity: Enhance customer experience (CX)

Capita is a consulting, digital services, and software business. It delivers innovative solutions and simplifies the links between businesses and customers, as well as governments and citizens. The company does this by combining talent, creativity, software, technology, and innovation with sector knowledge and proven skills and expertise, all underpinned by scaled operational platforms.

Capita has more than 63,000 talented, committed, and engaged employees who are essential to delivering business critical services and solutions across the markets and clients it serves in a range of sectors, including local government, central government, education, transport, health, life and pensions, and insurance.

Capita is the preferred partner for one of the UK’s leading life and pension providers, providing end-to-end administration, digital services, and business support on behalf of the insurer and its 1.6 million customers across four different locations. As part of its work with the insurer, Capita radically optimised the organisation’s end-to-end customer experience across five key customer “moments of truth.” This activity was aimed at significantly improving customer outcomes for general enquiries, retirements, and claims related to bereavement, surrender, and maturities.

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Solution: Verint Operations Manager

“Prior to the implementation of Verint Operations Manager, it was a challenge to consistently track a customer’s end-to-end experience from request to fulfilment,” explains Capita’s Life & Pensions Managing Director. “There were more than 2,600 customer processes in the back office across four sites worldwide. Many of these processes were fragmented, leading to a lack of transparency and control. This hindered the ability to eliminate failure demand and truly understand and deliver to customer expectations. In addition, accurate and sophisticated forecasting and planning was almost impossible.”

As a result, the average end-to-end customer experience took an average of 35 days from initial request to fulfillment. Some outlying enquiries could take up to 100 days. Customers made their dissatisfaction known. Service received a negative net promoter score (NPS) and overall customer satisfaction fell to less than 70 percent. “We needed to modernize and transform service to address the ever-changing demands of customers,” says the Life & Pensions Managing Director. “It was at that point that we embarked on Capita’s proven 3-stage service modernization program.”

Deliver complete visibility into front- and back-office processes

In response to the back-office challenges, Capita deployed Verint Operations Manager. “I had used the Verint workforce engagement solution in another part of Capita in order to deliver great outcomes for our clients and their customers, so I knew it to be supremely capable,” the Life & Pensions Managing Director adds. “In my view, Verint Operations Manager is unrivalled in providing a foundation for service modernization. Its impact on operational performance is transformative.”

The team at Capita are using Verint Operations Manager to deliver complete visibility into front- and back-office processes and performance across the life and pension provider’s four sites in the UK and India. Desktop analytics, for example, provides the team with real-time and historical visibility, automating the capture and analysis of application usage to identify process, compliance, and operational inefficiencies.

“We are using Verint to capture the customer footprint across all customer demands, all channels, and all locations to truly understand the customer threshold,” notes the Life & Pensions Managing Director. “From this, we can identify and eliminate waste to deliver significantly improved customer outcomes.”

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Consistently deliver great customer outcomes

The technology also enables Capita to create real-time work management, enabling “line balancing” across multiple locations and channels. In addition, the organisation has the flexibility to create demand and supply models that visualise the impact on service level achievement under various different scenarios.

“Verint enables Capita to implement and maintain sophisticated supply and demand models using actual historical customer behaviour data and known future regulatory activity and market trends to identify future customer demand requirements,” the Life & Pensions Managing Director continues. “This enables us to accurately forecast upcoming staffing needs and upskill accordingly. With this instant, centralised view of customer demand, we can consistently deliver great customer outcomes during seasonal demand periods where customer demand fluctuates significantly.”

Results: Improved customer outcomes

By standardising on the Verint software and using it as the foundation for its 3-stage service modernisation programme, Capita has improved customer outcomes dramatically:

  • Fulfils 80 percent of all customer demands at first point of resolution (FPR), which it aims to increase to 90 percent.
  • Reduced average end-to-end processing times from 35 days or more to three days.
  • Increased overall NPS score by 40 points.
  • Improved bereavement claims NPS from -11 to +79, ease of service from 68 to 99 percent, and customer satisfaction from 72 to 99 percent.
  • Reduced 2,663 customer workflow processes to 250 end-to-end processes.
  • Replaced manual, inefficient paper-based processes with an automated digital verification process.
  • Lowered complaints by 40 percent.
  • Reduced staff attrition by 70 percent by increasing job satisfaction and purpose.
  • Improved operational control environment, which is on route to “best-in-class” first line controls.
  • Eliminated key person dependencies through targeted multi-skilling based on current and future customer demands.
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