Mayday Communications, Inc.

Helping customers succeed in providing mission-critical communications and support

About Mayday Communications

Founded in 1963, Mayday Communications specializes in voice recording, two-way radio communications, quality monitoring solutions, and other compliance and regulatory business needs for customers in the public safety, financial, healthcare, and education sectors. The company is most distinguished for its deep roots in the public safety sector, providing 911 centers, fire stations, police departments, and other emergency services organizations with solutions for mission-critical control room communications.

Mayday Communications is a Verint® business partner for the northeast region and a Motorola® full-line dealer, manufacturer’s representative, and service center for the New York metropolitan area. While much of its business has revolved around the recording of conversations, today Mayday Communications is expanding into new areas, such as workforce optimization and artificial intelligence (AI), with advanced technologies by Verint.

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Better together: Mayday Communications and Verint

Mayday Communications and Verint are taking an industry-leading role in delivering sophisticated solutions to optimize daily workforce operations, going well beyond basic call recording services.

Mayday Communications’ close relationship with Verint brings customers additional value through the highest quality of design, service, and support after the sale.

“Verint has a fantastic knowledge base and support system that allows us to handle the most sophisticated applications and use cases that we would never be able to do on our own,” says Clifford Casazzone, president, Mayday Communications.

Mayday Communications has been a Verint partner since 2006. The company’s longevity and expertise earned them “Verint Partner of the Year 2019” for Public Safety/Mid-Market. As well, Mayday Communications is an active member of the Verint Partner Advisory Council and has a direct pipeline to product updates and innovations.

A key differentiator is Mayday Communications’ 24/7 personalized customer service. The firm prides itself on maintaining great relationships with its partners and manufacturers, such as Verint and Motorola, to bring high-level personnel as needed to solve issues quickly and effectively.

Medicare customer improves contact center performance with Verint

One joint customer achieving success with Mayday Communications and Verint is a Medicare support center based in New York City. A long-term Mayday Communications customer of more than 20 years, the firm needed a modern solution with sophisticated speech analytics tools to improve contact center performance, lower average handling time to support more efficient handling of high volumes of Medicare queries. Delivering cost-effective and results-driven solution was critical.

Mayday Communications worked with the customer to implement Verint Workforce Management™. With this solution, more than 350 agents are gaining efficiencies from the feature-rich solution set, including regular quality management, automated quality management, workforce management, performance management, call recording, redundancy, and, most notably, speech analytics with AI capabilities.

The solution automatically listens, analyzes, and queries words spoken during calls and surfaces valuable information in real time so agents can answer a wide range of questions in a timely manner. This helps reduce agent handle time and repeat calls by enabling agents to give accurate and validated information for improved first-call resolution.

Why Mayday Communications partners with Verint

“Verint is a world-class organization and gives us the credibility in the market to ensure our customers have exactly what they need tailored to their specific business requirements,” says Casazzone. “We’ve built a trusted relationship with Verint, and they have confidence in our ability to be their feet on the street.”

“Embracing AI capabilities is a great example of how our partnership with Verint enables us to grow our business and break into new industries and markets, and deliver leadingedge solutions to our customers,” notes Casazzone

“Verint continues to provide the tools and training we need to be successful,” says Paul Friedman, executive vice president, Mayday Communications. “From product education classes, partner and customer networking events, access to specialized product groups, and more, Verint takes a real-world application approach to ensure its partners understand how customers are really going to use and benefit from its solutions.”