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Are Your BPOs Meeting Your SLAs?

Many organizations leverage business process outsourcers (BPOs) to process work and customer requests faster and for a lower cost. Yet they lack sufficient reporting from the BPOs to confidently know if they have the right number of resources assigned to process the work cost effectively and on time.

Learn how Verint® Operations Productivity™ can act as a clearinghouse for work processed at your BPOs. The solution offers a comprehensive operational dashboard with near real-time reporting on volumes, handle times, work status, completions, and SLA achievement. Having this insight helps all levels of the client/BPO partnership.

  • BPO employees benefit from a single dashboard to view their work, eliminating time spent searching or waiting for work to be assigned.
  • The BPO benefits from a unified, automated reporting mechanism that helps improve communication with clients, ensure SLAs are met, and create a competitive differentiator.
  • The client benefits from accurate reporting on the status of work items and SLA achievement.
  • The end customer benefits from work completion vs. expectation.

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