Question and Answer Forums

Question and answer forums are an extension of the standard discussion forums the provide workflow around a question and answer workflow process.

Build trust in your question and answer forum

Using its built-in question and answer forum capability, Verint Community allows customers, contributors and prospects to ask a question in the community.

As a digital authority, your brand is then able to not only answer the questions, but to identify ‘suggested answers’ and ‘accepted answers’.

Much like a discussion forum, the interactive nature of a question and answer forum lends itself to digital growth through user-generated content, whilst simultaneously giving your customers a place to see you deliver official, authorized, problem-solving solutions in the form of accepted answers.

Mark as answer

A suggested answer can only become and accepted answer if the person asking the original question accepts the answer, a moderator accepts the answer, or a number (configurable) of other community members identify the suggested answer as helpful.

Accept and reject answers

Mark answers as helpful or vote to reject them as the correct answer.