Verint Community Open Architecture

Verint Community is built with platform extensibility in mind. Use a range of APIs, widgets and developer tools to build the community that delivers the best value to your customers.

A customer community built on REST APIs

A foundational concept within Verint Community is a stable and consistent API exposed as a set of REST web services. There are over 150+ APIs within Verint Community and these APIs are the same APIs used by the Verint Community widgets to deliver the user experience. As a developer you can write your own user experience as a web application or mobile app delivered 100% through the REST APIs.

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A streamlined approach to third-party development with the Community .NET REST SDK

The Community REST SDK is a framework for third-party .NET developers to use in their sites or projects to interact with an instance of Verint Community using its REST API. It makes using REST easier by handling the authentication flow automatically via Oauth, giving a consistent unified interface for making requests.

It also allows you to handle the response in its XML or JSON form, or interact with the response using some more .NET friendly methods such as streams, XElements and the dynamic object.

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Build a community that drives customer retention

Read how Olympus leverages Verint Community to cement its position as a market leader and inspire new customers.

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"Updated design, functionality, and streamlined processes make a big difference to user experience and member retention.” - Ana Maria Albert, Olympus Community Manager

Built-in webhooks to automate event notifications

Whereas the REST Platform API provides the ability to read or write data into the community, sometimes you need to be notified of events that occur, such as when a new member joins.

Webhooks provide an event notification service that will call a URL of your choice to alert you of an activity. It is your application’s responsibility to then call back to the community to learn more about the activity or take action on the event.

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Editable plug and play widgets to deliver a bespoke user experience

Widget Studio is a developer suite designed to edit or create Verint Community Widgets. Widgets are reusable user experience (UX) elements used to deliver UX within Verint Community’s native layout options. Verint Community Widgets rely upon the RESTful Platform API to ensure consistency across versions of the platform.

Within Widget Studio existing widgets can be tailored (with versioning) to deliver precisely the functionality designed. Widget Studio also supports exporting and importing widgets as well as tools to compare different versions of widgets.

An open-source community platform built on several open standards

Verint Community publishes many of its integrations, extensions, SDKs and samples on GitHub – a popular repository of open source applications. These applications provide developers with access to working applications and integrations such as Microsoft .NET SDK, Sitecore SDK and more.

Verint Community also embraces several open standards such as OAuth for authentication and Open Search for integration of search results.

Seamless integrations and developer marketplace

Verint Community integration connectors and software development kits are available free of charge from GitHub, where you can find integrations with Sitecore, SharePoint and others. And, we have a Marketplace in our community where developers make add-ons and platform extensions available for free or for a fee.

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