Sitecore Software – Add community to the Sitecore experience

The Verint Community (formerly Telligent) Sitecore software integration enables you to add forums, blogs and more. Add a social experience to your Sitecore website or build an engaging Sitecore intranet by adding social functionality.

Optimized for Sitecore. Built for developers.

Verint Community Platform can run side-by-side with Sitecore and deliver our social applications and services along with user-generated content directly in the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Sitecore authentication is already built-in and our product direction for deeper integration includes administrative tools, integration with the experience user database and much more.

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Forums, blogs and more

Verint Community makes it easy to add forums, blogs, wikis and more to your Sitecore investment.

Verint Community is the natural choice for anyone looking for ASP.NET forum software. Verint Community is a commercial social software product. And just like Sitecore, it is built on the Microsoft .NET platform.

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Better together

Verint (formerly Telligent) and Sitecore have worked together since 2008.

Sitecore forum integration provides a powerful platform to run digital marketing campaigns and Verint Community complements this by providing all of the engagement and user generated content.

Sitecore forum integration

The Verint Community integration with Sitecore is open source, you can see how we integrate and even contribute to our samples.

Our C# MVC samples are purposely designed for you to copy and modify to fit your needs.

You can find all of our integrations on GitHub.

Benefits of Verint Community integration

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