Verint Community Platform

Your customers and employees are social, so why should your organization act differently? The Verint Community Platform allows you to connect with your audiences in the digital spaces that matter the most.

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Verint Community Platform is best-of-breed

Introducing Verint Community (formerly Telligent Community), our best-of-breed, enterprise social platform that puts community first. Adopted by well-known, large brands from a range of industries, Verint Community combines leading interactive community-focused forum software features, such as discussion forums and question and answer forums, with a rich blogging platform.

Additional features, such as wikis, articles, activity streams, ideation, calendar, file galleries, automation rules, moderation and gamification, are all available as standard functionality on the platform giving you what you need to create engaging online community experiences.

Transform your web self-service

Verint Community can be used in conjunction with our other products, such as Verint Knowledge Management, to become Verint Web Self-service, which results in a digital solution that addresses the pressures many businesses have to reduce support costs, improve engagement and gather customer feedback. Deployment models can run in the Cloud or installed on-premises.

Use Case: Web Self Service
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API-first platform

API-first, Verint Community is a fully-integrated platform with hundreds of available APIs. This opens up the possibilities for developers to completely customize the user experience. Writing a custom user experience using Java, Bootstrap, Javascript or any other framework is possible with Verint Community.

The platform was built to enable integration with external applications and adding extensions for applications to be built atop of it. Our developers built the underlying platform to make it easy for other developers to extend it as desired.

Verint Community integration connectors and software development kits are available free of charge from GitHub, where you can find integrations with Sitecore, SharePoint and others. And, we have a Marketplace in our community where developers make add-ons and platform extensions available for free or for a fee.

White label platform

As an administrator or moderator, you’ll have the power to create the experience you want with drag and drop social applications and widgets. As a developer, you’ll have the ability to customize Verint Community’s user interface through writing your own CSS, and by modifying and creating widgets in the widget studio.

Our Community Platform product allows your organization to completely customize the application, adding a full brand experience to your online community.

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