Verint Community Use Case: Web Self Service

Our web self-service platform enables organizations to reduce support costs, whilst improving engagement and building brand loyalty.

What is Web Self-Service?

Web self-service is the ability for your customers, audience or consumers to resolve their problems, gain information and retrieve documentation themselves which would otherwise require the involvement of customer support staff.

Through our web-self service platform, customers can access information and get support for your company’s products and services, whilst having the ability to ask questions about a product or service, and ultimately self-serve.

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How Verint Community creates web self-service experiences

Featuring discussion forumsrich blogs and question and answer forums out-of-the-box, Verint Community pairs with Verint Web Self-service to effectively deliver a tried-and-tested social support platform.

Our web self-service platform takes many different forms, all depending on the nature of your business or organization, and how you choose to let customers self-resolve their queries can be completely up to you.

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Benefits of web self-service

Effective and transparent peer-to-peer support: By implementing Web Self-Service solution, your organization will benefit from peer-to-peer support, provide customers with 24×7 access to known solutions, helpful knowledge articles and answers verified by your product experts.

Reduce support costs and increase support capacity: When you have peer-to-peer support working effectively and you give customers the ability to self-serve by searching and finding answers they need, the number of call or chats or emails to the contact center support team will be reduced.

This enables you to address increasing customer demands without necessarily having to increase the number of support resources to handle the workload.