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Driving Company Strategy Through Support Communities

Driving Company Strategy Through Support Communities

Recognize the Strategic Value of Support Communities

More and more companies understand that support communities can play a key role in their self-service and customer success strategies.

Many customers view the online support community as the most powerful, convenient and responsive place to turn to when they have a question, concern or need about a company’s product or service. Many companies, however, don’t fully recognize how valuable the community can be.

This Leader Networks report explores how leading companies are leveraging this trend, making their support communities the centerpiece of a self-service strategy that is critical for scaling affordable, effective support.

In this report, by Leader Networks, you’ll learn:

  • How and why support communities are integral to company strategy
  • Three support community models
  • How companies like Sage and Analog Devices leverage support communities
  • The business value of support communities
  • How to measure the success of your community

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