Verint Community Management

Verint Community provides a range of intuitive tools that make it easy to manage your community platform and deliver an exceptional user experience.

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Effortlessly create a bespoke community that embodies your brand

Verint Community provides multiple options to control the user interface: colors, logos, graphics, CSS and more can be modified to tailor a white label community to your brand.

Verint Community gives you significant control to determine how pages should be laid out with built-in templates that utilize over 150 widgets that can be dragged, dropped and moved around within the layout of a page. A full staging and preview environment is provided to allow for staged changes that can be reviewed before moving into production.

Create micro-communities for specific products, regions, and customer groups

Groups are one of the most important and flexible options within Verint Community. A group is a micro-community that is typically used for a specific product, region or collection of people. Each group contains various community applications, such as an activity stream or forum.

As a community manager, you can control whether a group is private or public. Groups can be structure, styled and branded in various ways to create visual cues for navigating across communities with many products or segments.

Communities built with safety and security in mind

  • Authentication and single sign-on

    There are multiple layers of authentication controls along with support for common standards such as OAuth, SAML, Windows, cookie, and forms-based authentication. Authentication rules and controls exist to regulate the type of login names allowed, default behaviors for new logins and many more options.

    Additionally, the authentication and single sign-on system are also extensible. Verint Community includes OAuth support for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for easy social media integration.

Use built-in SEO tools to improve community visibility

In addition to built-in optimizations for Google and other search engines, Verint Community provides tools that community managers can use to refine keywords, page titles and more.

Verint Community also builds Facebook graph data for sharing content across social networks and automates the creation of sitemaps used by Google.

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Built in automations and a studio to create your own

Verint Community’s Automation Studio enables you to create conditional rules and associated actions related to activity within the community and external to the community that can be configured and modified without developer skills.

Automation Studio is used by developers to review, create, modify, revert, and delete automations. Automations are implemented using server-side Javascript or Velocity. Once set up, business users can change the conditions watched for and subsequent actions to be performed automatically.

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Extensive monitoring capabilities to ensure optimal performance

A full suite of monitoring capabilities is included within Verint Community: exception monitoring and logging, tracing to track down features that are performing poorly and status of services running within the community.

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Explore the Verint Community Platform

  • Verint Community FeaturesVerint Community includes a range of useful features that are available right out of the box to help drive customer engagement, lower support costs and increase sales.
  • Verint Community ServicesVerint Community includes several services that help brands to deliver more efficient self-service and collaborative customer support.
  • Verint Community Open ArchitectureVerint Community includes a range of APIs, widgets and developer tools to enable you to build a community that delivers the best value to your customers.

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