Verint Community Services

Verint Community includes several services that help brands to deliver more efficient self-service and collaborative customer support.

Provide rich user profiles to deepen engagement, build trust and connectedness

Verint Community user profiles are designed to enable members of the community to share information and experiences about themselves, manage settings and options within the larger community and provide a quick way to access common content such as recent discussions, activity and favorite bookmarks.

User profiles highlight community reputation, achievements, and points that boosts a user’s credibility and promotes their contributions.

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Use user reputation scoring to identify member importance and credibility

All members of the community receive a reputation score that helps to identify their importance within the community. The member reputation score affects scoring of content written by those members, but it also affects other behaviors within the community.

For example, if a member with a high reputation score flags content as abusive the moderation system automatically forces that content into the moderation queue for review by a community manager.

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A community platform designed for customer engagement

  • Comments

    Comments are one of the core services of Verint Community and they are used in many of our applications. Customers can also associate comments with any external URL, such as integrating with a CMS system like Sitecore, Adobe, Umbraco and others. All comment content goes through the Verint Community moderation workflow and is included in our abuse management system to help flag content that may be considered abusive.

Use content reputation scoring to give authority to useful information

All content within Verint Community is assigned a reputation score that signifies its value. More valuable content is ranked higher in search results and is fed into the content recommendation engine.

The reputation score of content is controlled through an algorithm that can be adjusted by the community manager – as different communities will place higher values on different types of content.

Provide customers with automated email digests

Email digests provide a summary of community activity on a daily or weekly basis. This ensures that customers who have not recently visited the community can be kept up to date with the latest content and discussions. The email templates are part of the notification system designed to keep customers engaged with the community.

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Seamlessly stream video content

Video encoding is a service included with Verint Community that ensures that video files uploaded into Verint Community are converted into streaming formats for both desktop and mobile viewers.

Encoding ensures that a video file can be streamed vs requiring the entire file to be downloaded prior to viewing.

Generate tailored people and content recommendations

Recommendations is a service included in Verint Community that analyzes customer activity and recommends people or content that is highly correlated to that content.

Recommendations help customers within the community to find the information they may be interested in even if they don’t know where to find it.

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