Verint Community Use Case: Forum Software

Verint Community specializes in providing forum software that has the capabilities to facilitate your business needs. Built from a powerful Verint Community platform, our forum software encourages customer engagement, drives loyalty and delivers key business insights, whether your organization is a small local business, or a well-known global brand.

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What is a Forum?

A forum is an online social community that uses an application to create a socially driven environment, with the potential to flourish with conversation, debate and questions.

Verint Community provides a forum platform that creates a seamless software to benefit all stakeholders in an organization.

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Types of Forum Software

We offer multiple configurations for your forums, each suited to the specific needs of your organization. Verint Community combines discussion forumsquestion and answer forumsblogs and private messaging to help integrate a service to help you execute.

Discussion forums are the most popular Verint Community applications, as they allow your organization to create a dialogue between customers, facilitating self-resolution of customer issues.

An extension of the standard discussion forums is our question and answer forum, which provides a workflow around a Q&A format. Through our built–in question and answer forum, Verint Community allows customers to ask questions as a digital authority, with your brand having the ability to answer and identify ‘suggested answers’ and ‘accepted answers’.

Similar to our discussion forum, the question and answer forums have the interactive nature that allows the digital platform to create user-generated content, whilst giving your customers a hub to deliver official, authorized problem-solving solutions.

Benefits of Using a Forum Software

Verint Community Forums hold multiple advantages to benefit your organization:

  • Creating problem-solving solutions
  • Promoting brand awareness
  • Developing trust
  • Delivering key insights
  • Formulation of searchable content that builds authority over time

Each one of these benefits can apply to your organization’s employees, customers and suppliers, and the forum platform is the first step towards creating new digital opportunities.

How to Create a Forum with Verint Community