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Process large volumes of email efficiently and cost-effectively, while enabling agents to reduce response times and improve customer satisfaction.

Enabling effective and efficient email customer engagement

Customers expect to contact your organization via email and receive answers to their questions quickly, reliably, and consistently. Verint Email helps organizations meet the demand for smart, efficient email management. By automating the process of capturing, documenting, interpreting, routing, and prescribing answers to customer emails, you can respond faster and more consistently, with less agent training.

Download The Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) of Verint Digital-First Engagement

Verint Digital-First Engagement (DFE) solutions have been providing better customer experiences and saving money for some of the world’s most recognizable brands for decades now.

To see how these innovative tools are delivering measurable, meaningful results, Verint commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study for Verint’s Digital-First Engagement offerings.

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With Verint Email you can:

  • Route the right email to the right people

    Verint Email helps your organization accurately preprocess, route, and deliver a large volume of inbound email to the correct user group. Its Actionable Dashboard can automatically route inbound email to specific agents or teams, who are then able to save, reply, forward, or reassign messages.

    Team of business people working in a call center on the phone.

Unifying customer experiences with Verint Engagement Orchestration

Verint Engagement Orchestration helps agents provide consistent answers to customers across a variety of engagement channels, including email, live chat, and messaging. When employees open inbound emails, the unified agent UI can automatically display the information required to resolve the inquiry. This information is shared across channels, so answers are consistent.

Employees can view customer profiles, case and contact histories, and relevant knowledge articles or email templates all in one place. They can add links to the knowledge articles into the body of an email, adding value to the interaction and minimizing interaction time.

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Get started with Verint's Channel Automation offering

Verint’s Channel Automation offering connects your channels, your people, and your automation from a single user interface so that you can become a truly customer-centric organization.   The offering allows you to:

  • Provide the conversational engagements customers want
  • Automate interactions for all channels, reducing operational costs
  • Orchestrate the workforce for seamless, omnichannel service from humans and bots
  • Break down channel and organizational silos for increased capacity, flexibility, and agility
  • Enable the entire workforce to engage with customers in the right way, at the right time

Engage your customers on email, live chat, Twitter DMFacebook Messenger, and WhatsApp all accessible via a unified workspace to power omnichannel engagement at scale.

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