Verint Voice Channel

Have complete freedom of choice over your telephony while using Verint Open Platform capabilities to deliver AI business outcomes, now.  

Flexible options for your ACD

  • Keep your own ACD

    Minimize disruption by keeping your ACD while benefiting from Verint Open Platform applications and bots.

  • Verint Voice Channel

    Native to the Verint Open Platform, all components are hosted in a single cloud with usage-based pricing ensuring you only pay for what you use.

  • Bring Your Own ACD

    Choose any ACD and seamlessly integrate with Verint Open Platform to realize AI business outcomes, now.

AI-Powered bots for CX automation over voice

Automatically produce accurate, unbiased and consistent interaction summaries that are posted directly to your system of record. Agents save at least 30 seconds per call, and customers receive better service as they no longer need to repeat themselves.

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Deploy the most accurate AI model ever built for contact center transcriptions. The Exact Transcription Bot is trained on decades of rich engagement data and the data unique to your business to provide the best possible foundations for speech analytics, sentiment analysis, quality scoring, real-time coaching, automated call summaries and PII redaction. 

The Verint Transcription Bot.

Verint Quality Bots are designed to automate your quality program to deliver business outcomes quickly. With AI-powered automation, you can go from evaluating a very small sample of calls to evaluating 100% of interactions across channels. Verint Quality Bots increase your supervisor capacity by 33%, allowing brands to realize a 5x ROI while also improving the employee experience and reducing compliance risk. 

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Connect these Verint Open Platform capabilities to any carrier:

  • Verint IVA Voice

    Reduce the number of incoming calls into your contact center and interactions handled or escalated to agents by providing AI-powered self-service over telephony and voice channels.
  • AI-Powered Routing

    Route conversations based on context, ensuring customers reach the right resources, at the right time for improved satisfaction and first call resolution.
  • Verint Callback

    Add the power of callbacks to your voice channel to manage spikes in call volume, lower abandonment rates and improve the agent and customer experience.

Deliver personalized, self-service customer experiences with Verint IVA Voice 

Every inquiry to your contact center costs money. Verint IVA Voice reduces the number of incoming calls into your contact center and interactions handled or escalated to agents by providing AI-powered self-service over telephony and voice-enabled channels. 

With Verint IVA Voice companies can: 

Resolve issues vs deflect them: Give customers the ability to self-serve and solve problems 24/7, without needing to speak to an agent, increasing containment by at least 20%. 

Drive seamless agent handoff: When a customer needs a human agent, Verint IVA gathers interaction context and routes the issue, so the customer doesn’t need to repeat themselves.

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Unify the agent experience across Voice and Digital Channels 

Bring your telephony and digital channels together in a single pane of glass agent experience with Verint Open CCaaS Essentials. Agents can work seamlessly across voice and digital channels, supported by AI-Powered Routing, Intelligent Virtual Assistants and real time knowledge management to serve customers at scale.

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Verint Open Platform Voice Channel

Verint Open Platform has embedded all required voice channel components which connect to any carrier, including:  

  • ACD queueing and outbound dialer  
  • AI-powered routing (included with IVA Voice)  
  • IVA Voice and Verint Callback   
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Featured solutions

  • Verint IVA

    Drive AI outcomes with higher interaction containment rates and AI-powered routing across your voice and digital channels.
  • Open CCaaS Essentials

    Power CX automation with a complete set of digital capabilities for the contact center.
  • Verint Channel Automation

    Unify customer interactions across telephony and digital channels in a single agent workspace to power consistent conversations, leverage automation, and deploy staff flexibly all with fewer resources and less effort.