Verint Open CCaaS Essentials

Power CX automation with a complete set of digital capabilities for the contact center.

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Deliver AI business outcomes across voice and digital channels

  • AI-powered self-service

    Use the AI-powered Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant to deliver self-service over any digital or voice channel to effectively contain customer inquiries and reduce agent workload.

  • AI-powered routing

    Verint’s AI-powered routing uses contextual data to intelligently distribute interactions to the right resource at the right time, regardless of channel to improve first contact resolution.

  • A unified agent experience

    Unify customer interactions across channels in a single agent workspace to power consistent conversations and the operational efficiencies of blended agents.

  • Omnichannel engagement data

    Unify engagement data to power actionable insights for all interactions for further containment and CX improvements.

Introducing Verint Open CCaaS Essentials

Unleash a unified workforce of humans and bots across all engagement channels to provide seamless self-service and assisted service that enhances customer experience while improving efficiency and containment rates.

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Verint Open CCaaS Essentials enables innovation without disruption 

Verint Open CCaaS Essentials offers a complete set of digital capabilities for the contact center. Companies can select a mix of digital and voice agents for a blended approach, utilizing Verint’s bring-your-own-telephony, AI-powered routing, and a single agent workspace.  

Verint Open CCaaS Essentials includes:  

  • Increased containment with Verint IVA   
  • AI-powered routing with context   
  • Unified workforce for digital and voice  
  • Choice of chat, email, SMS, and messaging channels   
  • Bring your own automatic call distributor  
  • Embedded knowledge management 
  • Engagement data and insights   

What’s more, Verint Open CCaaS Essentials includes Verint Open Platform with Verint Engagement Data Hub and Verint Da Vinci at its core. 

Get Verint Open CCaaS Essentials

With Verint Open CCaaS Essentials, you get:

Increased containment rates

Verint IVA for Voice and Digital works across every channel, replacing legacy IVR and basic chatbots, to enable seamless self-service at scale. It’s trained on decades of rich engagement data to provide personalized, contextual assistance that helps to reduce support costs while improving the customer experience.

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AI-powered routing

Universal routing uses contextual interaction data to distribute queries to the right resource. With Verint Open CCaaS Essentials making it easy for agents to work seamlessly across channels, universal routing helps organizations tackle customer interactions more strategically and efficiently.

Unified workforce

Verint Open CCaaS Essentials de-silos the contact center, enabling a unified workforce of blended agents and bots to work seamlessly across channels. The workforce is supported by Knowledge Management Essentials which delivers agents information in real time for consistent answers and faster responses. Unified customer interaction history is also preserved to provide context that helps to reduce resolution times.

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Unified engagement data

By cleansing and managing engagement data from all channels in a single location, it’s easier than ever to generate insights that lead to customer experience improvements. There’s no more hunting for scraps of information scattered across the organization— executives, business teams, IT professionals, and data analysts can all tap into this invaluable resource.

Supercharge CX automation with data

The key to unlocking CX Automation across the enterprise is data. A rich set of interaction, experience, and workforce data is the differentiator that helps to generate a vivid understanding of customer behavior. It’s the driving force behind how bots learn to act in ways that feel natural for human users.

By cleansing and managing this diverse range of data, all within a single, cohesive location, it’s easier than ever to train specialized bots to provide effective service that’s unique to your specific business needs. There’s no more hunting for scraps of information scattered across the organization— executives, business teams, IT professionals, and data analysts can all tap into this invaluable resource.

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Unlock the power of Verint's Open CCaaS 

In the fast-evolving landscape of digital customer engagement, legacy systems can be a major roadblock. Verint Open CCaaS enables you to seamlessly integrate with your existing telephony system with a platform fit for the digital customer.  

Organizations can avoid the disruption of migrating their telephony systems, giving them the freedom to adopt a suite of digital channels while retaining existing telephony solutions. 

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  • Verint Channel Automation

    Unify customer interactions across telephony and digital channels in a single agent workspace to power consistent conversations, leverage automation, and deploy staff flexibly all with fewer resources and less effort.
  • Verint IVA

    Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) enables the quick and efficient deployment of CX automation across your engagement channels to deliver AI-powered and personalized self-service customer experiences, while also improving contact center operations.
  • Verint Knowledge Management

    Deliver the right knowledge, at the right time, to enable self-service, improve the consistency and quality of answers, and achieve compliance with regulations and company processes.
  • Engagement Data Essentials

    Engagement data powers business intelligence and automation, helps you elevate CX and close the engagement capacity gap.

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