Call Risk Scoring Bot

Verint Call Risk Scoring Bot detects fraudulent behavior in your IVR before fraudsters can social engineer your agents and long before the fraud event takes place. This bot minimizes risks, is effortless for customers, and delivers immediate and lasting ROI.

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Improve security and efficiency with the Verint Call Risk Scoring Bot

Using AI algorithms, the Call Risk Scoring Bot analyzes more than 60 data points from telecom metadata and caller behavioral analytics then assigns a risk score to every call made into the contact center. To ensure that the bot can efficiently identify and fend off fraudsters’ ever-evolving tactics, we regularly collaborate with fraud analysts and business sponsors.

Call Risk Scoring Bot can not only detect and prevent fraudulent activities in your call center, but ultimately help lower average handle time for legitimate callers and add an additional layer of customer data protection.

call risk scoring bot

Real-time, advanced protection

  • Detects and prevents fraud prior to the fraudster reaching the live agent and before attacks take place.
  • Is passive and non-intrusive to legitimate callers.
  • Provides cross-channel “Account Under Attack” notification to other enterprise fraud protection solutions including web, mobile and Agent Desktop.
  • Verint Cloud/SaaS Call Risk Scoring is deployable in as little as 45 days.
  • Is compatible with any IVR and provides extensive reporting in real-time.
  • Complementary to other fraud prevention and detection solutions.

Provide a faster, safer authentication process with Call Verification

Call Verification is a new feature of Verint Call Risk Scoring that:

  • reduces average handle time
  • enhances the customer experience
  • makes life easier on your live agents
Case Study: Call Verification Delivers Instant Savings

Protecting customers from sophisticated attacks

Fraud is a multi-billion-dollar annual industry that has impacted tens of millions of victims in the last year alone. Controlling fraud and ensuring consumer trust are important to both your top and bottom line. Fraudulent activities can go unnoticed without the right measures in place.

Verint Call Risk Scoring Bot analyzes more than 1 billion calls per year, so we understand the activities that fraudsters perform in the IVR to steal money from both you and your customers, while also compromising personal data records.

Call Risk Scoring Bot can save your company millions each year while also maintaining your brand loyalty.

Case Study: Adaptive Fraud Prevention Saves Client Millions in Potential Losses
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How it works: the three layers of the Verint Call Risk Scoring Bot

Adaptive Fraud provides your IVR with multi-layered, protection.

  • Layer 1 – Threat Matrix: This layer analyzes 100% of phone calls in real-time and creates a score based on caller behaviors, reputation and knowledge. This score is used by the IVR to disposition the call in the IVR call flow, adapting and responding to any suspicious activities and fraud pattern shifts.
  • Layer 2 – Account Watchlist: The system identifies accounts that are under attack by fraudsters allowing enterprises to proactively alert the account holder for safeguarding actions. In addition, the account watchlist can be accessed by other channels to strengthen defenses against fraudsters actions.
  • Layer 3 – Advisory Services: The ability to adapt as fraudsters change their tactics is critical to the long-term success of stopping fraud. Advisory Services provides a review of current fraudster tactics and recommendations to improve the system’s ability to stop fraud.