Admiral Transforms Quality of Customer Engagement

Admiral Group PLC is one of the UK’s largest car insurance providers, with more than 11 percent market share across four brands

The results

  • Achieved resource savings by automating smarter insights from customer calls.

  • Identified process differences to help challenge average call handling times.

  • Increased efficiency by, among other actions, quickly sourcing calls by type.

About Admiral

Admiral Group PLC is one of the UK’s largest car insurance providers, with more than 11 percent market share across four brands: Admiral, Bell, Diamond, and elephant. Admiral Household launched in 2012. Based in South Wales, the group also has customer-facing offices located in Bangalore, Delhi, and Halifax.

The company operates seven customer-facing contact departments handling up to 1,000,000 calls per month. Contacts throughout the policy lifecycle – from initial policy quotation and acceptance to renewal, claims, and all manner of customer service queries in between – are handled by the relevant contact department.

Admiral’s use of Verint Speech Analytics began in an effort to better understand its customers’ needs and their reason for contacting the company. Leeanne Harvey, customer insight manager at Admiral Group explains, “One of our main drivers was to understand the extent of potentially avoidable calls we were receiving and the pain points in the customer journey, such as long hold times, which may indicate issues.”

Confidently report on areas of improvement

Admiral also wanted to overcome limited visibility of the “softer issues.” For instance, existing management information reporting often quantified actions carried out on a policy, but it didn’t capture the surrounding conversation with customers that could be used for more effective analysis. Moreover, the limited visibility undermined the company’s ability to confidently report on areas of improvement, such as repeat calls.

Admiral already enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Verint, having previously deployed Verint Call Recording and Verint Quality Management across the business. This allowed Leeanne and her team to explore the potential of Verint Speech Analytics in a relatively short timeframe.

“The addition of Verint Speech Analytics allows us to gain further benefit from Verint Quality Management within the one platform,” says Leeanne. “While other vendors were considered, our existing, effective relationship with Verint enabled an efficient and informative exploration of the software’s value to our business.”

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Transcribe, categorise, and analyse calls with Verint Speech Analytics

Admiral records inbound and outbound calls using Verint Call Recording. The integrated Verint Speech Analytics application is used to transcribe, categorise, and analyse calls from three of Admiral’s largest service departments, helping to pinpoint insights quickly and accurately.

Leeanne explains, “Being able to gain a deeper understanding of our customer’s needs and their expectations has allowed us to improve our customer journey, identify training needs, and improve operational efficiencies. Verint Speech Analytics also enables us to identify and react to any technological issues quickly, resulting in an improved experience for our customers.”

Verint’s next-generation speech analytics solution also replaces multiple, overlapping, and labour-intensive processes, resulting in resource savings. “Verint has undoubtedly contributed to a reduction in the staffing resource required to manually source call by type,” says Leeanne.

Efficiency is rising across the business too. Leeanne continues, “Verint Speech Analytics has allowed us to identify training needs and process differences across sites. Gaining further insight in these areas, we continue to challenge average call handling

customer on the phone


The Verint solution is also proving extremely easy to use, notes Leeanne. “The ability to source and access calls of a particular type or category enables us to save on resources. For example, we save time being able to skip to the stage of the call which is of relevance by term. The category building feature is also intuitive and allows the business to create robust categories relatively easily.”

All queries, findings, and results are reported centrally, with administration by a working group that includes speech analytics representatives from within the process teams of the relevant departments. Findings are shared within the respective departments on a monthly basis, with overall analysis consolidated and shared with the wider business and senior managers each quarter.

“Verint Speech Analytics adds an additional layer of quantification to our reporting, as well as highlights areas for improvement to enhance customer engagement,” says Leeanne. “The solution has already led to a number of scripting, letter, and process changes. Over time, additional training will help us use the software in new ways to automate reporting in order to gain smarter insights from customer calls.”

The continued support provided by the Verint consulting team is also paying dividends. Leeanne explains, “From the delivery of both useful and engaging training sessions to a continued point of contact throughout deployment, we have been very impressed with the channel of support provided by Verint.” Admiral is continuing to work alongside the Verint consulting team to investigate expanding its speech analytics footprint and exploring the addition of Verint Text Analytics™.

“We are extremely pleased with our relationship with Verint,” Leeanne concludes. “Thanks to Verint’s technology, we have a more intelligent, faster, and accurate way to categorise customer calls. In turn, we have new levels of customer insight into the root causes prompting customer calls and actions.”

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