Verint Helps MSC Industrial Supply Co. Deliver Exceptional Customer Care

Verint helps MSC Industrial Supply Co. deliver exceptional customer care

The results

  • Achieved exceptional customer satisfaction before and during the pandemic, including CSAT and NPS scores that remained top quartile.

  • Implemented new Customer Effort Score metric, consistently achieving scores of 6.3/7.

  • Better understands the impact of business changes on customers and more effectively guides issue resolution.

About MSC Industrial

MSC Industrial Supply Co. is a premier distributor of metalworking and maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) products and services to industrial customers. MSC helps its customers drive greater productivity, profitability, and growth with approximately two million products, inventory management and other supply chain solutions, and deep expertise from over 80 years of working with customers across industries. The company’s 6,500-plus associates, including a team of over 800 customer service associates, is dedicated to working side by side with customers to help drive results for their businesses and keeping operations running efficiently.

Since MSC operates within a complex B2B manufacturing environment, its customer care representatives must have the knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver exceptional service each day, yet be able to pivot to adapt to the fast pace of change.

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Provide best-in-class support

In 2020, at the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, MSC was one of 40 suppliers called upon by the U.S. government to allocate inventory to the COVID-19 effort. The organization experienced many new challenges due to the shift to work-from-home, supply chain disruptions, and the labor shortage.

However, the MSC leadership team had the foresight to deploy proven workforce engagement tools to provide best-in-class support. These investments helped MSC weather one of the most challenging times in the company’s history, while never losing sight of its goal to provide reliable, differentiated service to its customers.

Solution: Empower its associates to provide consistent standout customer experiences

MSC uses Verint Workforce Engagement and Verint Experience Management solutions, part of Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform, to empower its associates to provide consistent standout customer experiences. The company leverages data-driven customer insights to monitor and improve customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter score (NPS), and benchmarking scores while enhancing operating models and processes in the cloud.

The foundation of MSC’s customer care strategy is driven by Verint Workforce Management, which simplifies the complex task of forecasting and scheduling to ensure the right resources are in the right place at the right time to meet customer demand. At the same time, the solution provides the backbone for the company’s optimal use of Verint Quality Management and Verint Performance Management.

MSC uses Verint Survey Management to capture, analyze, and track feedback from both customers and employees in a closed-loop process using telephone, email, web, SMS, and mobile channels. Further, Verint’s survey management and workforce engagement solutions are integrated to help facilitate survey deployment and reporting.

In addition, the Verint solutions are integrated with the Avaya Oceana Omnichannel Agent Desktop and Salesforce Service Cloud Case Management and Customer 360.


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Benefits: MSC achieves its vision of helping its customers solve their mission-critical challenges

MSC has consistently delivered top-quartile benchmarked performance year-over-year around operating metrics such as service level, order-to-call ratio, schedule adherence, average handle time, and calls per rep. Even during the pandemic, the company had no disruptions in core execution. CSAT and NPS remained strong and top quartile as well.

Using Verint’s cloud-based solutions to tap into the power of thousands of customer interactions each day is a strategic differentiator for MSC. Wins include:

  • Improved visibility into CSAT and agent performance: MSC integrated post-call email surveys, enabling it to layer CSAT into all-agent scorecards and performance metrics.
  • Unified customer insights: Digital experience management functionality, together with a well-defined case management process, enables MSC to have an integrated view of customer engagement online.
  • Improved agent success: MSC focuses on developing associates to drive optimal results, moving beyond schedule adherence to integrated coaching for continuous improvement.
  • More empowered workforce engagement: MSC leverages gamification for better associate engagement through meaningful rewards and recognition.

Delivering on MSC's brand promise

To support digital transformation, MSC utilized Verint Survey Management to establish a baseline with key customers before and after closing approximately 70 branch offices across the United States as part of its move to a remote work environment. In instances of manufacturer price increases, teams were able to monitor CSAT, address issues as needed, mobilize the appropriate business stakeholders, and equip agents with information on handling objections.

“Our brand promise to our customers is: ‘Built to Make You Better,’” Magdowski concludes. “We’re able to deliver this message confidently because we partner with technology experts like Verint that enable our customer care team to operate effectively 24/7, with efficiency and meaningful insight. Verint’s solutions are important in helping MSC achieve our vision of helping our customers solve their mission-critical challenges.”

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